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Adidas Climacool
The faster you run, the cooler the trainers. But will Beckham run fast enough to save the penguin from certain death?
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Adidas Climacool High Scores
# Username Score Comment Time Length
Adidas Climacool Champion!
No Comment
13:56, 20th Feb 2013 90 secs
2 LymeDisease  57965 
No Comment
21:06, 2nd Apr 2013 83 secs
3 giftedchick  56695 
No Comment
03:06, 28th Feb 2013 97 secs
4 justinsftw  52645 
David Beckham is not the best candidate for prolonging a penguin's life as it awaits impending doom.
04:12, 19th Feb 2013 99 secs
5 Entropy  52083 
20:27, 16th Feb 2013 85 secs
6 Chad  49080 
lol the shark was fake! :o
20:29, 16th Feb 2013 88 secs
7 Ponyo  48043 
No Comment
20:15, 16th Feb 2013 98 secs
8 Entropy  47628 
20:25, 16th Feb 2013 81 secs
9 Entropy  43083 
Don't worry I got this
20:23, 16th Feb 2013 95 secs
10 LymeDisease  30828 
No Comment
21:04, 2nd Apr 2013 91 secs

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