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Disco Racer
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Test out your driving skills with this groovy racing game.
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Disco Racer High Scores
# Username Score Comment Time Length
Disco Racer Champion!
No Comment
10:22, 26th Apr 2013 68 secs
2 LymeDisease  5300 
No Comment
21:13, 2nd Apr 2013 67 secs
3 Avatar  4950 
No Comment
17:19, 20th Feb 2013 67 secs
4 LymeDisease  4650 
No Comment
21:14, 2nd Apr 2013 39 secs
5 giftedchick  4350 
No Comment
16:54, 6th Mar 2013 109 secs
6 justinsftw  3500 
No Comment
17:14, 20th Feb 2013 48 secs
7 Avatar  1200 
No Comment
17:12, 20th Feb 2013 27 secs
8 Avatar  1100 
No Comment
17:11, 20th Feb 2013 26 secs
9 justinsftw  700 
No Comment
17:07, 20th Feb 2013 19 secs
10 Avatar  400 
No Comment
17:12, 20th Feb 2013 11 secs

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