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Share what you know. Find answers to what you don't.  
Information you want to know, from students who have been there.

Founded in 2007, MacInsiders is a student-run information network aimed to enhance the McMaster student experience by providing an inclusive community that informs, motivates, inspires, and promotes student involvement and leadership through online initiatives and events on campus.

With over 26,000 members, it has become a respected source of information and opinions. The organization consists of thousands of registered members, as well as a volunteer forum moderators and staff that shares advice, personal experiences, and tips on a variety of topics of interest and importance to the general student body.

- Awarded "MSU Club Of The Year" for 2007-2008
- Raised over $1,200 for charity
- Featured in the Hamilton Spectator
- Listed in the prestigious Academica Top 10 list
- Mentioned in the McMaster Alumni publication, The McMaster Times.

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To learn more about the history of MacInsiders and our roots, please read our article here titled "All About MacInsiders"

"MacInsiders is something I wish I had at my disposal as a first year student. Advice from upper years who have been there-done that is key to new students because it can help them avoid time consuming or costly mistakes..." - Sabrina Bradey

" a student who will be entering first year, the MacInsiders forum along with their articles are EXTREMELY helpful. I'm a first gen, therefore I don't have anyone to help me with all this stuff and MacInsiders has been amazing! So thanks for all of your help and insight!" - KaylaMarie

"MacInsiders is amazing! It keeps us up to date with things that are going around campus and in the greater community. It allows us to give advice to those who need it and to receive it when we're in need..." - Nicole Ferreira

"MacInsiders is one of the most important avenues available to all McMaster students! [...] its helped me make better decisions in course selection, getting involved with different clubs, and just general knowledge of things in the community. You keep learning everyday when you come on this website! The hardwork that everyone in this club puts in is amazing! Thank you!" - Eva Chan

"As an undergraduate student there is a lot of information on University life to absorb and take in. At times, this has often felt overwhelming, especially when entering my first year. Macinsiders has been simply outstanding in relaying this information to students through up-to-date announcements, in depth articles and active discussion forums" - Ken Mwawasi

"MacInsiders' greatest strength is the fact that the site is updated by dedicated volunteer students with diverse educational backgrounds and life experiences; because of this, Macinsiders is able to appeal to the broad McMaster community, where every single student can relate..." - Ken Mwawasi

" that I'm going into my second year, I feel much more prepared because of this site. Not only are the reviews on different classes very helpful, but the staff and members of this site make any McMaster current and prospective student happy that they chose such an amazing university!" - Samantha Asare

"Through Macinsiders, I'm able to hear and embrace the views of all faculties and thus have a more complete appreciation for the University and my fellow peers. The site has been a huge help for me since my University career began." - Ken Mwawasi

"As an incoming first year student, I must say that Macinsiders has had a large influence on my choice of university. Macinsders is a great tool for learning about what McMaster has to offer, and a great way to meet the people who have experienced the school first hand..." - Jean-Marc Metrailler

"Macinsiders allowed me to see what McMaster university was all about, ...[it] has made what would have been an entirely confusing and discouraging process for us first years into something simple and easy. Thanks for your help Macinsiders!" - Jean-Marc Metrailler

"Macinsiders has already helped so much, and i'm not even AT mac yet!" - Shivani Persad

"I wanted to thank you for making this website, it will help alot of people in the present and the future. I want to make the most out of my time at McMaster, and I want to excel both academically and athletically. I appreciate what you are doing." - Hadi 'Tio' Behdad

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