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Anthropology 3FA3

Anthropology 3FA3
Forensic Anthropology
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Anthropology 3FA3

(Pre-req for course: ANTHROP 1Z03)

This course was taught by Dr. Prowse (Winter 2012). It deals with the skeletal remains of humans, how they are dealt with in a legal context.

Some topics taught:
- Intro to Forensic Anthro
- Human Remains: skeleton, taphonomy, decomposition stages
- Finding and recovering remains
- Mass Disasters, Human Rights Investigations
- Developing a Biological Profile of Human Remains
- Individual Ident.
- Cause and Manner of Death
- Projectile, Blunt, Sharp Trauma

Course breakdown includes:
Term Written Exams (x2) (25% each = 50%) Prowse does not test with MCQs, but with short answer questions, diagrams, and long answer questions. The long answer questions asked about readings mostly. The short answer and diagrams are mostly for the prof's lectures.

AVENUE quizzes (x2) (5% each = 10%) based on your readings, all MCQs, usually ~50 MCQs with ~30-40 mins per quiz. You can't return to it later or change your answers and the questions can ask for small details from the readings (best to do it with others).

Final Exam - 40% - the final exam will be the same format as the term exams, but cumulative of all lecture notes, but not readings (she'll tell you which case studies to focus on).

Textbooks included a general textbook that you can follow along with the lectures and another one with actual case studies to highlight concepts in lectures (this is what the avenue quizzes test).

The course content is fairly straightforward and mostly memorization based. It deals with topics related to bones, and not soft tissue. Prowse is a great prof, her lectures are good in that they make it easy to retain info (though she doesn't post her lectures until the end of the week). There were a couple of guest lecturers who gave lectures on some of the topics listed above and were experienced in such issues (like projectile trauma (guns), sharp trauma, individual identification etc.).

Overall, this course was one of my least stressing courses but I had to keep up with my readings and notes. The most trouble I had with the course was probably with the avenue quizzes - they would ask sometimes detailed questions, you don't have time to flip through your book to search for the answers, and you couldn't go back to the questions and change your answers. The tests/exams weren't that hard (they would be like..."what method would work if you've got these parts of the remains...", or "List the stages of the decomposition of the body...") as long as you studied for all the material. If you study the day before, you'll likely get around 80% but there is just too many readings and lectures memorization to go through, so its best to start a few days before if you are aiming for 90%+ (very possible in this course to get an overall 12)!

sarahsullz says thanks to Vuci for this post.
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Pre Req is now 1Z03 or 2E03 because 1Z03 is no longer offered! Great review though, hopefully I can take it next year
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great review. Thanks a lot.
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Originally Posted by sarahsullz View Post
Pre Req is now 1Z03 or 2E03 because 1Z03 is no longer offered! Great review though, hopefully I can take it next year
I believe any level I Anthro course counts as a pre-requisite now.
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