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Best Free Parking Spot (+ another question)

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Best Free Parking Spot (+ another question)
Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone knows any hidden gem parking spots near McMaster? I only park sporadically, but when I do, its for long durations. I currently park at a 3h spot on a side street off Broadway. Does anyone know any nice spots that might be close to Mac?

Also: does anyone know how these parking officers know how long ur car has been parked? I'm wondering if I park my car for 3h, and then move it up a couple of metres, will they know, and will I get an extra 3h?

Any help is appreciated
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Why should we tell you our secret spots?

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Originally Posted by topkek View Post
Why should we tell you our secret spots?
Hah. Well, perhaps a student doesn't need it anymore, or someone is now an alumni, there are many spots available, etc.. there could be many reasons.

Anyways, if anyone knows how parking officers issue tickets (my question in the first post), that'd be cool too
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The parking officers go around and mark your car by striking chalk on your tire. They will then come back after the time limit and if you're car is still there with chalk on it, they will issue you a ticket.

Hope that helps!
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Almost all streets around Mac have time limits of a few hours, but try going a few blocks further down and you may get lucky finding a spot nearby... just remember that you can park a little further away if it's on a bus route just walk to the nearest bus stop and let the bus take you into the center of campus.
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I park on Hollywood and Kingsmount, near the intersection of Sanders. I've been ticketed on Thorndale and I've seen tickets on Norfolk, but I think further west cops don't bother checking all the cars on all the street. Also, because of the longer but narrow driveways, it's likely that cars parked on the side of the road belong to the tenants there, and cops probably don't want to risk dealing with ticketing a tenant.

Just remember to face the right direction and if you can afford the time, move your car a street or so over when you can. Kingsmount and Hollywood have opposite sides of the street available to park on depending on the day of the month so be wary; the one ticket I got wasn't even for parking there, but for parking on the wrong side.

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