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Calc 1Ls3/1Mo3
Hey guys,

I am currently not taking these courses but have considered taking them over the summer. However, I took functions in grade 11 and that was 6 years ago for me. I never took grade 12 calc but the way I see it, I didnt even remember if I took functions until I checked my highschool records so even if I had calc, I doubt I would even recall much of it at all.

Anyways, the point is, I am wondering whether you guys think 1ls and 1m03 would not be recommended...ive wanted to take calc all unergrad but never got the chance so i figure, what better time than now...

what do you guys think? I am in the soc sci faculty...have taken a number of econ classes...i admit I am not the greatest at math but its first year, will it be THAT hard? All opinions are welcome! Thanks guys!
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There is a pre-requisite to take 1M03 (I'm guessing for 1LS3 too), so you need to take an introductory calculus course first.

Edit: The only math course you can take with grade 11 math is 1K03. It looks like there is a bit of calculus in it.

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ya i know ..i was just thinking that even if i had the essentially be in the same boat...i dont even remember what I took 6 years ago, let alone everything I learned about...
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I believe you have the option of taking math 1fc3 which can set you up for 1ls3/1m03.
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I was in the same boat, wanting to go further in econ but having about six years between me and grade 11 math which I didn't remember all that well to begin with, and frankly wasn't all that good at. I took 1K03 (which is super simple, pretty much just derivatives) and 1M03. You have to score I think a B at least to take 1M03 straight from 1K, or you can take 1F03 which will cover you for the math prereq for any econ class. What do you need the math for/why do you want to take it? That'll make the difference on what classes you need to take.
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