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Chem labs and tutorials

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Chem labs and tutorials
So I was reading that chem labs and tutorials have to be the same number? Like lab 28 and tutorial 28. On my timetable they are both at the same time, and since theya are both even would they be on the same week? Should I be worried about this? My lab is from 8:30-11:20, and tutorial from 9:30-10:20 the same day of the week.

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Yes, they have to be the same number. It should say EOW, which means every other week. Choosing the same number for your lab and tutorial ensures that they won't be at the same time. Your lab will be one week and the tutorial will be the next week at the same time, then it starts over again. I think even/odd just tells you which one you start with (ex. odds start with lab the first week, evens with tutorial). But don't worry about it, all of this will be explained during the first class. If you're struggling with the content and want to go to tutorial during a week when you're scheduled for the lab, there's a lot of flexibility, and you'll be welcome to attend any other tutorials you have time for. Not everyone attends tutorial, so there will be lots of space.

tl;dr: Go to class and they will tell you everything you need to know. Good luck!
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Do Chem 1A03 labs tend to run the whole 3 hours? I'd like the third hour to overlap with a core but am not sure if that's a good idea.
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Originally Posted by Nelumbo View Post
Do Chem 1A03 labs tend to run the whole 3 hours? I'd like the third hour to overlap with a core but am not sure if that's a good idea.
That is definitely not a good idea.

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labs and tutorials don't have to be the same number, but they do that to make it easier for you... you'll be in the habit of having that timeslot booked with a lab OR tutorial and so less likely to miss a lab or something

as far as I know from last year, tutorials were not mandatory, and you are free to switch them around or go to any one you want because not everyone attends.. although the TAs can be pretty helpful
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Originally Posted by Nelumbo View Post
Do Chem 1A03 labs tend to run the whole 3 hours? I'd like the third hour to overlap with a core but am not sure if that's a good idea.
That's definitely a bad idea. Not all labs go the full three hours, but at least 2-3 out of 5 per term will. If you're willing to miss class (and any participation marks associated with the class if applicable), then it's possible, but you also need to be careful because they don't usually allow conflicts so they might force you to change later on.
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Hey Patriot. Don't panic. The labs are EOW so the week that is not your lab week week is tutorial week. On labs weeks you are allowed to drop in ANY tutorials on the other days. Besides these are not mandatory. They will post the answers to tutorial questions after every week anyways. Only go if you don't understand otherwise there is no point if you know how to do the questions and get the right answers anyways. Hope this helps. You should only panic if your timetable has orange boxes with the red word "conflict". Good luck in first year
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Yes they do but many of the TA's say feel free to drop into any tutorial you want so it doesn't really matter. The tutorials aren't mandatory but useful review/teaching

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