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Comm 2ab3 or 2fa3
Im an engineer finishing a business minor. Which course is easier to take? I got a 7 in 2aa3. Just want one that takes less time and effort and still do well so I can work on capstone
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having taken both courses i would choose 2ab3, managerial accounting. it requires effort but i found it easier than 2aa3, and got a much higher mark.

i didn't like 2fa3 just because of the way it was taught and material, but things might have changed due to a different prof who teaches the course now. i think it's brewer, but he's not better at teaching from what i hear.

the prof for 2ab3 is also different from when i took it but i haven''t heard anything bad, i know now there are case studies added to the course which was not the case when i took it.
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Both of them are not cake walks but I agree from above, ab3 is a relatively good course to follow with, but I see you got a 7 in AA3, why is that? Ab3 is not a course where you can wing it so take it with caution, especially when you get into the later chapters such as activity based costing and actual costing systems it will be very tedious and you will have to follow really closely to get a good mark.
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I recommend you take commerce 2fa3 BUT only take it with brewer! The people I know who took the course with deaves did mediocre to really bad which is not something I think you'd want! I took 2fa3 with brewer in the summer (pretty sure he teaches it every summer) and ended up with a 11 in the course. I think the course is much easier with brewer because you are not really required to read textbook or do textbook questions. All I did was read lecture notes and practise all previous tests, assignments and tutorials. What is great is that there is weekly quizzes which gives you a nice and easy 10% towards your final grade. Despite what people say about him, like he's boring or says uhhhh all the time he's a genuinely good and nice guy.

I got 7 in both 2aa3 and 2ab3. I was overconfident in 2aa3 because I took accounting in high school so didn't try as hard though I definitley think I could have done better if I tried harder (like practise all previous tests! I only did one or two D; ahh confidence i shoot you! ) In 2ab3 though I worked really hard because the material was new and completely different from 2aa3, but even when I exerted a full amount of effort I only ended with a 7 :(. I found 2ab3 much more difficult simply because I was putting so much effort in but only ended with a mediocre mark. By the way for 2aa3 and 2ab3 I had Aadil Juma who is a really good proffesor just I thought he was harder in 2ab3 then 2aa3.

Hope that helps with your decision

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as to the 7 in 2aa3 it was my first time doing accounting. I did many practice stuff and I guess i just didn't get it or fudged it during the test

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