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Demographics of McMaster University

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Demographics of McMaster University
When I add up the percentages of Chinese, Southeast Asian, Korean and Japanese from Demographics of Ontario, I get 7.6%. However, the proportion of East Asians at McMaster University is closer to 40%. I'm curious to know the reason for this discrepancy. Is it because East Asians are so smart and academically oriented?
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It's because many asian parents force their kids to study and do well in life.

In my experience only black families that do well do that, others don't.

Whites don't do it because most of them are doing that soft parenting hippie shit nowadays, where the kid can do whatever and you shouldn't say anything about it as to not interfere with the child's freedom. In the end the kids end up completely retarded and self-entitled, because no-one explained them that you need to actually work to get somewhere in life.

Source: am white, dated asian and black chicks for a while (no, I'm not actually George Lucas).
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Sorry Not-George, but if you get to know the bourgeois 905 Canadian-born asian-heritage students (in social science anyway) you'll find they're just as entitled and retarded as white kids. Most second-generation Chinese- and Indian-Canadian students here at Mac have no clue how to read a book, construct an argument, write a sentence or contribute to group work. It's nothing to do with race, it's entirely a class phenomenon. Mommy and daddy don't have to work, so the kids never see what work means.

The demographics of Ontario don't match McMaster demographics for several reasons:

1. Ontario is not the 905. You need to look up demographics for GTHA ex-Toronto, they're different.

2. McMaster has a lot of foreign Visa students.

Alexmahone says thanks to old guy for this post.

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