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ECON 2HH3 easier or harder 2h03

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ECON 2HH3 easier or harder 2h03
Taking one of them with R.KHAn and there no course review for 2HH3 so was wondering if its the same level of dufficulty or easier/harder.
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It definitely gets harder. Take 2h03 first and see how you do. If you find 2h03 hard then it will just get harder. 2hh3 continues on from concepts from 2h03.
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I sort of disagree. I took both with Khan consecutively in the same summer, and I actually found 2HH3 easier... Maybe it was because it all came together moreso for the second class. Both are 12able.
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I took it with Letendre and found it to be pretty easy but more challenging than 2H03 in terms of the exam. I would definitely take it with Letendre if you can. He is a lot more detailed in his teaching and clearer in his explanations and notes.
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Were Khan's tests in summer school relatively easy? And did he provide good notes?
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VERY EASY! Just do the tests in his cousre ware and read the text book.

Notes are not the best, I would never understand what he said in class coz of his thick accent (thus i used to read the txt), plus the content is very easy to grasp. If u do that ur set! Btw, get the book from Inns once u start classes.

btw, i took 2H03. Forgot to mention that
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2H03 is relatively easier in my opinion. I took it with R.Khan, realized it wasn't the best decision but nevertheless, still completed the course with a 11. All you really need is the custom courseware. Go over all their practice quizzes, tests and Final exam review material. As already mentioned, his thick accent wont get you anywhere as far as notes are concerned. Rely solely on the courseware and text if your registered with Mr. Khan.
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I'm planning on taking 2H03 and 2HH3 during the summer with Khan, are they both GPA boosters?
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...Wait Khan teaches 2HH3 now too?? Take advantage of this opportunity NOW!

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Lol is the content in 2HH3 a lot more difficult than 2H03? Even though Khan is teaching it?
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Yes, both courses are easy. As long as you are not taking econometrics, you should be okay with economics courses.

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