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Engineering Management

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Please dont derail and stay talking about the program/input about the degree
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If you want the management experience, and practical skills built right into the course, you made the wrong choice by selecting University. College was probably your best bet. University has a "higher education" goal through its classes, and the experiences have always been meant to come from extra-curriculars, and from your own initiative to apply your skills in a way that you want to develop them. If you have a job, or commute for the rest of your waking hours for the day, it's a bit of a tough luck situation to be honest.

Management opens doors in the end. You have many opportunities to be a more valuable engineering student (in your engineering courses where you work with teams, you will see it as soon as you have to do any economic analysis --- and in the coming years, you will see that built into more courses, as new accreditation requirements kick in next year). Likewise, you have many more opportunities to become a valuable hire to many employers, as you have an awareness of the management and economics of engineering projects --- much more of an awareness than the engineer that took a single eng. econ course anyways.

Good luck choosing!
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Originally Posted by Robgoy View Post
Fellow Mac people, I wanted to know what is so great about Engineering Management. I know its very popular and what the basic idea of it is, but I'm not sure if its something that I would want to go into. I THINK I'll have the marks for the program, which is not the problem. I like the idea of both business and engineering courses spread out since business also interests me, but I'm not sure about Management. Are there any upper year engineers that can provide some insight?

TL;DR Is Management worth it?
it's worth it if you enjoy business and dont mind staying the extra year to essentially take business courses (financial & managerial acctg, marketing, HR, etc). However, I dont think it really provides a huge upper hand when looking for a job but it is something that sets you apart from the average engineering student so it doesn't hurt you in any way.

Also, i feel the business courses would actually have more real life usefulness and application than the engineering courses im taking so far anyway. I just finished Financial accounting & the communication course and i can honestly say i know more now than i did when this semester started. I could go look up the financial statement of any company and see what its talking about and i have a very good idea of how loans/ bonds work and ofcourse how to make financial statements (which are all very useful in real life). Not sure i could say the same about my engineering courses in discrete math, etc...

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