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First year physique :)

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K if you're worried about losing/gaining weight....

If you can't make the gym, or just don't feel like you'll be committed to it,jog. Seriously, 30-40 minutes a day (or 3 times a week even) can really make adifference... And even if you're not a big runner/jogger, you can always dointervals with walking mixed in. It'll give you some fresh air too in thewinter, which is hard to come by since so many people hate the cold and would rather stay indoors. And eventhough it might be really cold, it is pretty refreshing. And hollllllyyy what astress reliever. Just make sure to give yourself at least 1-2 days off for yourbody to revitalize. And never forget to stretch!!!

And, for those of you that don't know, there is a Running Room store pretty much right across the street from Mac. On Wednesdays and Sunday mornings they hold free runs with their groups (5km, 10km, half marathon, etc), so you are welcome to join with them! And they are a great motivation.

Also, if you need some motivation, find a friend to go with! And just thinkabout it, if you're going to spend an hour of your free time on facebookor w/e else anyway, you might as well go out and workout. You just have to have somededication and determination, and you'll be able to fit it into your schedule.

And if you want to avoid gaining weight from food, just don't buy all thetemptations that will cause you to. I know for a fact when I'm home, because myparents buy SOOOO much bad shit, I can't help but eat it when I'm stressed. Butbeing out on your own, you have control of what goes into yourfridge/cupboards, and if no junk is there, you're going to reach for ahealthier option. Obviously that doesn't mean cutting out junk completely,cause who the hell wants to do that? lol But just portion yourself.

But yeah, I know with a heavy schedule it can be hard to find the time to goexercise. But once you get into a regular routine and are able to schedule atime slot for exercising, you will notice a world of a difference. Justremember, exercising is healthy for the brain as well, and it can also give youtime to be alone with your thoughts and just go over things you are learning inyour head. So, it might actually benefit your studying!

Also, one more thing... If jogging REALLY isn't your thing, ever consider athome workout dvds? Especially if you're really not down with going to the gym,they can be a life saver. And there are so many out there to choose from. Theymay seem kind of dorky at first, but they are pretty fun too! And who knows, maybe your roommate will be down to do it with you also.

Hope that kind of helps.

(sorry for the novel haha)

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Sorry, don't know why it didn't space some of my words? Weird.... lol
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weight gain is probably effected by that mandatory meal plan you have to buy if your living on campus, unless your buying salad everyday that ish is unhealthy!!

p.s. all alcohol slows down your metabolism, but a beer may have 200 calories, while a shot of whisky only has 40, do the math...

p.p.s. drunchies do exist........munchies are even worse.

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I lost weight in 1st year. Never went to the gym but it was a combination of: walking everyday all over campus + cooking my own food and not just eating off of my meal plan (I lived in Keyes so I had a kitchen). Join the gym if you can't cook your own food!
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Originally Posted by Grover View Post
Can't speak from experience on your work load, but I can offer a few tips to keep your metabolism high.
  1. Just do 40 minutes of cardio/weights every day/every odd day.
  2. Drink 3-5 cups of green tea and minimum 8 glasses of water (~4 bottles) per day.
  3. Eat 5 small meals per day instead of 3 large ones. Don't eat too late at night (gets stored as fat).

These may seem a bit demanding, but if you can note some of these points you can potentially avoid packing on the pounds and save yourself some time in the process. Of course, you could also be one of the lucky few whose food goes right through them.
Good points, but the last one is invalid.
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Drunk special at Geno's... try to keep the number of these to a minimum
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Originally Posted by chappy89 View Post
Drunk special at Geno's... try to keep the number of these to a minimum
Oh god.. The amount of times I'd get a large cheese pizza and end up eating 80% of it before I even got back to res was disgusting T.T
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Freshmen negative fifteen baby

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Originally Posted by RyanC View Post
Freshmen negative fifteen baby
lucky biatch

McMaster University, Honours B.Sc. in Biology '13, Minor in Psychology

University of British Columbia, DMD '17, Doctor of Dental Medicine
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one word: intramurals
but seriously easiest way to stay in shape and if you don't have a team you can sign up as a free agent and get placed on a team that's looking for extra players
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I was fine first year, if anything I lost 3 pounds. Just be sure to eat healthier options and go to the gym a few days a week. I didn't find it hard to maintain my physique.
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Originally Posted by tyrant View Post
weight gain is probably effected by that mandatory meal plan you have to buy if your living on campus, unless your buying salad everyday that ish is unhealthy!!

p.s. all alcohol slows down your metabolism, but a beer may have 200 calories, while a shot of whisky only has 40, do the math...

p.p.s. drunchies do exist........munchies are even worse.
I have to agree with this, the majority of the food you have to choose from on res is unhealthy and processed to no end, which you have to eat 3 times a day (for most students) and then add in all the partying that many first years do.

Just try to make the healthiest choices you can food-wise and keep the junk to a minimum, then try and get some exercise whenever/however you can (walking around campus and climbing stairs does help) maybe ask your roommate or another friend(s) to be your gym buddy a few times a week.

Also, I commute and didn't gain any weight my first year. I would usually buy my lunch on campus, but would choose healthier options (Piller's deli, pasta with veggies, etc.) so I think it's safe to say that the meal plan on res is your main enemy in this.

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Go on walks for fun?

I mean, I went on nightly walks probably every other day during the term, just as an end-of-the-day way to de-stress and make myself tired enough to sleep well. Plus, everything is usually pretty peaceful around campus at night (though there are some sketchbags, just don't be stupid while you're out, use common sense). It's good for reflection I found.

Alternatively, go hiking in Cootes! It's always gorgeous, the trails are manageable in the winter still, and you can almost always see something pretty cool.
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After two years of university, i am down 15 from my high school weight. I didnt start working out at a gym until i came to mac, and even though i went fairly often i definitely could have gone more. Its just a matter of getting there. Most times after class the last thing i wanted to do was work out, but i ALWAYS felt better once i got myself there and finished my work out. I guess its just a state of mind thing. Also, walking to and from class from off-campus does tend to help. If you can, try and make use of the track at DBAC. Its included in tuition (no extra membership) and its great if you like to run/walk but hate winter with a passion like I do

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I'd say the most important thing to keep in mind are the foods you're eating. Diet is very important in regards to physique. Snacks like Doritos or Miss Vickies chips are not nearly as good a choice as an apple or banana. Also, try to watch the size of portions you're eating if you do decide to eat something like chips or cookies. Do any type of exercise or sport whenever you can fit it in.

Nuelonas says thanks to Smithd37 for this post.

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