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Frosh Week partying?

Old 06-29-2008   #1


Frosh Week partying?
I've heard that frosh week is a wild party where everyone hooks up and has sex. I haven't had many relationships, and I'm kinda inexperienced. Should I be worried that everyone else will be having sex but me?

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Old 06-29-2008   #2


Dear SexDuringFroshWeek,

Frosh Week is not what you see in the movies, this is not Van Wilder's greatest party and not everyone is going to be hooking up and having sex.

Believe it or not, you're in the same boat as many other first years. It's not uncommon to be a virgin or inexperienced at relationships when entering University. There are going to be some people who are going to 'hook up' and whether or not that's the right thing to do is completely up to them to decide. The best advice I can offer you is to do what feels right for YOU. Never compromise your morals or your feelings just because everyone else is doing it. This isn't high school where if you aren't apart of the cool crowd you're a loser. University is too big for something like that, you will find your niche with people that you like.

If you find someone you'd like to be with sexually then you make that educated choice, but don't do it because your room mate has already had sex since coming to university. Just remember, not everyone is going to be having sex and doing irresponsible stupid things, some will of course, but that doesn't mean you have to fall in line with them. Be yourself, and trust your instincts. This is your time to be your own person and learn who you are.

Best of luck!
Dating Insider
Old 07-03-2008   #3


Indeed it is, and while Welcome Week does tend to be wild, it is absolutely true that not every engages in insane activities. Frosh is the american week. At mac, "welcome week" is mostly where you try to get your bearings before being thrown bodily into school. Still, that is by no means a reason NOT to get out of your room and meet people. Everyone has diffeent limits and different experiences. Take your time if you want, or dive into something new. The shear volume of people, clubs, groups, etc. makes it so that you will NEVER be bored, but only if you let it.

Have a good Welcome Week.
Old 07-17-2008   #4


Tip of the day: Set boundaries with your roommates EARLLLLLLLY
Old 07-29-2008   #5


you get out of Welcome week what you put into it - If you reeeeeaaaly want to find someone to hook up with, then I'm sure you could find someone. Likewise, if you just want to make friends and have a good time, then welcome week is the perfect place to do that. Plus I know of many great relationships that have come out of welcome week, since you meet so many people. No matter what your personal comfort zone is, you'll probably find lots of different activites that will suit it.
Old 07-29-2008   #6


Welcome week isn't for hooking up with people. I never had the intention of it during my frosh week. I was just out to meet people and have some fun. I didn't even have anyone try and pressure me into anything
Old 07-29-2008   #7


"Frosh Week" has a lot of general stereotypes surrounding it about everyong getting drunk and having a lot of sex. Some people do do this and others do not. Some people might feel that they have to follow along with those who do do this in order to fit in. I think that what everyone is trying to express here is that you don't have to 'follow the leader' but just have a good time and be safe during your Welcome Week.

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