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My name is Sabrina Kokosarevic and I'm a 4th year Humanities Honours student majoring in English Language and Literature and Classical History. I have a bit of a complicated life plan... some of you may laugh at it but that’s okay! I know plans never come out the way you intended but I still believe that having one and trying to follow it is the most important part. So here goes:

I hope to graduate with as much distinction as I possibly can muster because I plan to go to teachers college and I know that English majors going to teachers college are as numerous as stars in the sky. I want to get into UofT so I have to make myself stand out, one way is with my marks. After teachers college I plan to teach for as many years as it takes me to raise a family and learn Greek and Latin by night. Once I have mastered those languages I plan to return to university to get my masters and eventually a PhD. I realize that by the time I manage this I am going to be an old woman, but I'd rather be an old woman following my dreams than never having them realized at all.

As for my tastes/interests... well I love music! (how original, I know!) and the only type of music I don't like is rap. I draw the line at rap. I love photography, I got into it in high school and since then have been somewhat teaching myself in my spare time. I'd like to save up for a digital SLR since my film one is broken. Much to my displeasure I was told that it was not worth fixing and I'd be better off buying a new camera. I'll be honest, when I got out of the store I started to cry. I was so looking forward to having a working camera again. So I steal my room mates, Lorend/Danielle, she's very nice about letting me take her baby. I don't think she realizes how much I appreciate it! So thank you Danielle!!

To me, MacInsiders is amazing. There are so many things that I had to learn the hard way here at university because no one told me. I remember the day before our first day of classes, I was trying to sort out my timetable and I didn't know that you could move tutorials around. All I saw were conflicts all over the place and I started freaking out. I thought that I'd fail before I even got started because I couldn't go to all my classes. One of my Welcome Week Reps saved my ass that day, and she didn't laugh at my tears. She inspired me to be a rep myself and the next year in Woodstock Hall I found myself in a room with a student who wasn't crying but having a near nervous break down over his own timetable and we sat down and fixed it. We missed AirBands but it was worth it for both of us to see the issue resolved. MacInsiders is a continuation of that for me. I do not have the time to commit myself to being a WWR this year but with MacInsiders I can still help students in any way possible, at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home. And I love to write, so writing articles is not a chore for me!

So yeah... that’s about it for me. Oh, I guess a quirky thing about me is that I’m a crazy cat lady already. I have two cats and they are my babies. I love them like there’s no tomorrow!
Sabrina Bradey
Hon. Classical History and English Language and Literature

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