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Looking for a (Brown) DJ Partner

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Looking for a (Brown) DJ Partner
So basically I'm wondering if there are any Djs out there (preferably of brown decent, you'll get why in a second) that are interested in starting up a dynamic duo. Basically the goal is to start Djing at brown weddings and receptions on the side, maybe full time in the summer.

I've been really interested in trying to get this started however my current brown buddy is extremely lazy and not very comitted, so the only progress I've made is Djing at small events by myself. I've found it to be a lot more fun when you've got 2 people, so yaaa if there's anyone out there. Also I am quite white washed, so yaaa it would be really hard for me to break into the brown wedding industry single let me know, if you or anyone you know would be interested!!

ps. we can do house parties as well, which I have been doing solo up until this point
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What could you possibly need a partner for when DJing? Do you use intruments/keyboards or something?
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I've performed at Indian weddings with my dance crew/photographer friend/DJ friend (none of whom are "brown"). We market ourselves as a Wedding Package, and the response has been great.

The key isn't to be brown, but to be a good DJ...well, that and to have brown friends. That's where all the hookups are.

@Ryan: Not sure what type of DJ the op is, but having a partner is very helpful when spinning vinyl (or synthesized vinyl)... anyone who's ever needed to use the restroom can attest to that. Not to mention, taking a break every hour or so is great as it prevents burnout, and ensures both DJs are bringing their A-game during the entire 4-7 hour performance.
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Yah exactly what incognito said, yah I guess you wouldn't need to be brown, but I don't have that great a knowledge of brown songs....soo that's the main reason for that
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contact Jeff Chan

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