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Marks are out!

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^True, dat. :/ I thought they sat together to make them, but apparently not. Le sigh...I think of Rheinstadter had a say in the questions, he'd make them a little more manageable...
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Enough marks still haven't been released :S

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Originally Posted by Ayt52 View Post
Enough marks still haven't been released :S
Which ones? :s
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Originally Posted by Scuderia View Post
Rheinstadter is awesome but he just teaches. Hughes manages the course that means its her tests.
Hahah, Rheinstadter - he was great. His sound effects were amazing - drawing a line and "zhooooom"

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Still waiting on 3sk3 and 3pi4
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I'm also still waiting on Hth Sci 2A03. It was on the first day of exams, don't know what's taking so long =/
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Everyone, please learn to read the message at the top of your grade report:

After May 2, 2011 the Undergraduate Academic Reviewing process will be under way and no further Interim Grade updates will be posted until the Final Grade reports are released.
Final Grade Reports:
  • Final Grade reports for Undergraduate students who are Potential Graduands for the Spring 2011 Convocations will be released on Friday, May 13, 2011.
  • Final Grade reports for all Undergraduate In-Course (returning) students will be released on Monday, May 30, 2011.
Dillon Dixon
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