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I'll miss naruto!! anybody watch this grow up?
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Nah, nowadays I'm more into movies with alien Sarah Palin and Hitler riding a t-rex.

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I remember I read this around 11 years ago and I can say that although there has been same dragged plot. It is hands down the best of the big 3, gotta love that Hinata x Naruto match tho!
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i cried for jiraiya's death
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I stopped watching it after it began turning into DBZ with the insane power ups (rinnegan,sharingan,, nine taisl)
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Omg nooooo my childhood ;( . I haven't been able to keep up with it as much since I've entered university but now that I found out it ended I am so freaking sad :(. I've been a naruto fan since grade 4 and now I'm 20 . I don't wanna be old !! I have got to start reading the manga again cause it's been a while. Maaan the fact that it ended at this time just makes me realize I'm becoming like my own person an adult in this world . Such a sad day :(.

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same here! but there'll be new series next year !

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