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Who owns the land?

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Who owns the land?
I mean literally all the land around us, all the forest, and all the unused barren lands. If I wanna build a house in an extremely uninhabited region, and I just do it or do I need government permission?
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Pretty sure the city owns that land and you'd need a building permit from that city
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Its part of the Royal Botanical Gardens which is a national historic site and considered protected by many federal and provincial laws.
(Cootes paradise booklet)

Edit: And if you mean random plots of land like up North then you need a permit with that area and to register with the gov. (so you can pay taxes and permit fees). If that area has never been zoned you are looking at huge fees to get a permit.
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Anyone who has the power to hold the land, really. You got enough nukes (aka kiss Uncle Sam's ass hard enough for him to save you from trouble) you can have whatever you want.

I think VSause did a video on that.
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If there is no money in it for the other person, I can't imagine they'd care. A few years back, there used to be this undeveloped area (not in hamilton area) that was recently turned into apartments and a park, but one of the local homeowners were using a small section beside the road as a vegetable garden for many years. It was beside a somewhat busy road and yet until the development started they been there for half a decade (probably more, but I wouldn't know).
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In Canada, 89% of the land is 'Crown land' and either administrated by the Federal or Provincial governments. The vast majority of this is uninhabited land. 85% of Crown land in Ontario is administrated the provincial government. Legally, Crown lands are owned by the Royal Monarchy and administrated by local government.

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