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Question for Off-Campus Students!

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Question for Off-Campus Students!
Hello all! This is a question for those who are living or have lived around McMaster in a house or whatever.

I was just wondering, if there was a service that mowed your lawns and shovelled your snow, would you pay for it? If so, how much would you pay?

Sam <3
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Originally Posted by samantha__ View Post

if there was a service that mowed your lawns and shovelled your snow, would you pay for it? If so, how much would you pay?

Sam <3
I would do it myself as I am dirt poor.... so no i would not pay for it. =p
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ditto about the dirt poor comment :(
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I don't have the money to pay for it, so I just do it myself.
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If it cost $3/mo or less per month I'd probably do it. Over that and it's cutting into my hydro/gas/cable/cellphone bills lol.

Our landlord has professionals come in and cut the grass and is nice enough to come and do gardening himself because he enjoys it. Shoveling snow we still have to do though.
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Heyyy ill do it just call me up serously LOL 10 dollars LOL xD
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Hamilton doesn't get much and all you need to do is your walkway and a ten foot patch of sidewalk. Fifteen minutes tops, unless there is the rare one foot snowfall in which it takes one person about half an hour. I would pay zero dollars.

Gardening/lawn maintenance however most student houses can't do as their landlord is the one supplying the lawn mower, which happens to move from house to dollars.
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A lot of landlords shovel the snow themselves for safety reasons.
I would think a lot of students don't care too much about their lawn being mowed, having a garden, things like that.
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My english teacher used to talk about getting community service hours by shovelling people's lawns for them. But if I could get paid for that, mm I'd be there in a heartbeat. =D
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Haha, thanks for the responses everyone
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If the service was offered by adorable children raising money to cure cancer or something, I might pay money for it, due to the bleeding heart factor, otherwise, I would probably offer them a nice hot cup of tea or something.

that's it.
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With my house my roomies and I are responsible for shoveling and salting during the winter but during the summer months our landlord hires someone to mow our front lawn and backyard. You should inquire about this kinda stuff before signing a contract, it's usually included but it's good to work out the details before signing!
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