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Rehab to reinstatement?

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Rehab to reinstatement?
Hi all,

I'm looking for some guidance on reinstatement.

I entered McMaster as a first-year student at the age of 20, in 2008--yes, 10 years ago!

For many years, I have been struggling with substance-abuse issues, as outlined in my letter in request of reinstatement, to follow.

If anyone has insight into the following questions of mine, please leave your input. I will greatly appreciate it:

1. Do I have a change at reinstatement after being "away" for 10 years?

2. Do you suggest including reference letters, or let grades and accomplishments speak for themselves?

3. If I have my application sent-in by February, when is the earliest I could receive an acceptance?

4. I am moving back to Burlington, Ontario, come this summer. Is it a hinderance to my applciation to list my current address, in British Columnbia?

Reinstatement Request Letter

To whom it may concern:

I am submitting this application in request of reinstatement into the Faculty of Humanities, Fall 2018.
I take responsibility for my failure to successfully complete my first year of studies in the science program at McMaster University, in 2008. I was powerless over a substance-abuse addiction, of which I was in denial, and my life became unmanageable. Despite concerns of my family and support system, my “casual” drug-use developed into an addiction to opiates, and eventually fentanyl. Over years of destitution, abuse, and drug-induced self-harm, I suffered life-threatening health issues, including an acute renal failure, internal bleeding, multiple hospitalizations, and overdoses, from which I have fully recovered.
On August 5th, 2016, I left Ontario in pursuit of treatment in New Westminster, British Columbia, where I checked-in at Westminster House Society, a three-month residential treatment program for women with drug and alcohol addictions. Suffering from unspeakable emotional and spiritual trauma, I was willing to do anything to find relief from my drug addiction. I ended-up staying in residence at the Treatment Centre for five months, and have been involved with the Centre on an ongoing basis, in hopes of helping others. On February 5th, 2018, I will be eighteen months sober.
In regards to my reinstatement, I am particularly interested in the Philosophy program. Ultimately, I intend to work towards a graduate degree and direct my career towards supporting men and women suffering from substance-use disorders. I am requesting reinstatement at this time as I have found great success in my academic and professional endeavours over this past year, and I believe that I am ready to re-introduce myself as a student at McMaster, steadily focussed on my future academic and vocational success. I would like to be reinstated as a full-time student in order to focus on my academic studies; however, if accepted part-time, I will extend my time to volunteering at local organizations and seek part-time work, re-applying for full-time status when suitable.
After being awarded an education bursary from Westminster House Society, I successfully completed a counselling course (CNSK 1401) through Vancouver Community College. I have also completed two psychology courses (PSYCH 1100) and (PSYCH 1200) through Douglas College, New Westminster. I am currently enrolled in two online courses through Athabasca University: anthropology (ANTH 272) and sociology (SOCI 287). I received an “A^-” in the basic counselling course and “A^+’s” in the two psychology courses. Official transcripts from VCC and Douglas College have been submitted, along with an interim transcript from Athabasca. Final grades from Athabasca will be submitted at the end of the term. Recent extracurricular activities include: Full-time Client Care Worker and fundraising coordinator (Westminster House Society, October, 2017-present); part-time volunteer, renal unit (Royal Columbian Hospital, October 2017-present), and; part-time volunteer, overnight staff/kitchen staff (Westminster House Society, January 2017-October 2017).
As a recovering addict, I have been granted a “second chance at life;” I no longer take opportunities and privileges presented to me for granted. I consider the opportunity to be reinstated to McMaster University a great privilege. If I am granted reinstatement, I will set academic success as my highest priority, and never again take for granted the privilege of a University education and the opportunities McMaster has to offer. My painful history has evolved into a story of experience, strength, and hope. I hope to have the school’s support in resuming my education at the University; I would like McMaster to be a part of my continuing success story. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that might arise in respect to my reinstatement application.

Thank you for your consideration and support, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for any help, guys. I've really tried to turn my life around. Any comments, input, or concern will be appreciated.

I'm so grateful for this site...and second chances.


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