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SOCS - Hamilton Introductions 2013!!

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SOCS - Hamilton Introductions 2013!!
Hey y'all,

Since there are all the residence forums for introductions, I thought I'd start one for SOCS kids living in Hamilton. And yes, these do include the GTA upper years who moved from res and are living nearby - but who still want to get out there and make some new friends!

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Hey there! I'm a second year Geog/Enviro Studies student living in the East End (near Gage Park).
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Hello all, I'm in third year B.A. Geography student who used to be in B.A. Honours Linguistics program (I would have been in fourth year in this program if I didn't switch). I live up on the Hamilton Mountain along Rymal Rd.
Bachelor of Arts Geography
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Oh hey. I'm coming back after a year-long co-op for my fifth (but not final) year of Materials Eng and Society. I'm a Hamilton native, and I moved from the central mountain to Ancaster a few years back.

...But the real reason I posted here is just to give my sig some more visibility since some spiteful jerk got his buddies to downvote my post in that pdf thread. :(

p.s. thanks @ bunch of people who voted me back up <3
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O hai there. Second year Sociology student. Lived in res (Bates) first year. I live right across the school.

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Hey there! I'm a first year Process automation student! I live about a km down the road from the school on Ainslie!
Every time I see an adult riding a bicycle, I have hope in humanity.

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Heyyyy y'all, I'm a Kin student going into second year here at Mac! I lived in Brandon last year, and currently live near the Boston Pizza!
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Hi everyone, I'm a first year/university transfer student in social sciences and I live on Dalewood!

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