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Surviving Residence Part Five: Studying While in Res

Surviving Residence Part Five: Studying While in Res
By Danielle Lorenz

I think studying in res was one of the largest challenges I had to face while living in residence. I went from a home where I was the only child with my own large room, in a village of 2700-ish; to sharing a room with someone, a floor with 75 others, a residence with 333, and a residence population of approximately 5000. I went from there never being anything to do, to having something going on all the time. Needless to say, I got distracted A LOT, and so my grades suffered. Lucky for you (as usual), I have learned ways to help me study, and different places to do so, which may help you this year.

The places:
  • the study rooms in your residence (normally somewhere in the basement)
  • the laundry rooms in your residence (also in the basement)
  • in your room. MSN off. Computer off. Facebook off.
  • second and third floor of the Student Centre
  • the libraries (personally though, I saw this as too social and couldnít concentrate there either)
  • the Hamilton Public Library in Westdale
  • Tim Hortonís or Second Cup in Westdale
  • Tim Hortonís on Main Street
  • any of the buildings in the Arts Quad after class hours
The methods:
  • re-write your notes as summaries
  • define all terms
  • use web diagrams to link points together
  • study in groups, which is my personal favorite; as you learn from explaining as well as listening to things being explained
  • donít try to remember everything; stick to main points and a few supporting examples for each point
  • read over the textbook sections at least once
  • make flashcards or a game out of the information
  • create songs and rhymes that help your remember orders and names
  • see if you can squeeze hints out of your prof/TA
  • make sure you understand the testing format
  • make sure you know what chapters/sections are being asked
  • if you donít understand something, get help as soon as possible
  • take breaks at regular intervals
  • get enough sleep
  • eat nutritious food and stay hydrated
There you have it. Two rather short lists which will hopefully help you in your studies this year. Remember though; there is no ONE right way to study, or method to study. Do whatever works best for you. Good luck. For some of you, your first test is much sooner than you think.

daisy, macgirl2009, purple123, resh.jyoti all say thanks to Chad for this post.
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