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1st year life sci courses

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1st year life sci courses
Hey Guys. Entering into first year life sciences, and since we have to pick our courses really soon, I was hoping for some feedback and opinions on my course choices.

First of all, my teachers at my high school as well as my brother ( a uoft graduate) keeps advising that i shouldn't take a full course load the first term. So would taking 9 courses the first year be a good idea? or is it just unnecessary? I am a early 90s student in high school but of course university is way different...

So far i have decided on these following courses:


If i take nine courses, I am stuck between PSYCH 1XX3 and KINESIOL 1Y03. Any personal experiences or opinions about these courses? Advice on particular professors would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you,
a quite overwhelmed first year student
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I don't think that is necessary, it may give you false sense of "free time" and slack off.

PS good luck fighting for a seat in kin 1Y03
Honours Chemistry Co-op (09-14)
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Thats the worst advice I've ever heard.
Suck it up, and take 10 courses like the everybody else. I dare you to ask an engineer what they think of your plan.
Kevin Yin
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President, McMaster Undergraduate Society for the Chemical Sciences

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hmm if it is left solely to me, i would take 10. I will talk to him again, thank you for that. How was your first year? What were the most challenging things?
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Not to be harsh, but if you can't handle 10 courses in a year, then maybe university isn't right for you. It only gets harder as the years go on, so just take 10 courses.
It's really not as hard as your brother or your highschool teachers are making it out to be
Don't worry too much, a lot of students in sciences take a full course load, and do just fine.
Plus, it's your future, and if you feel that's its more beneficial to take 10, do it.

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Just take 10 courses. Btw, the psych classes are online so you just have attend tutorials, and live lectures (just for Psych 1XX3), and you can watch the lectures anytime before doing the quizzes. Also, I took the same courses as you (in first year) except instead of Econ 1B03, I took Kin 1YY3. Decided to take Econ 1B03 this upcoming year.
Edit: Also, if you decide to go into Honours Life Science, you will need to take Psych 1XX3 at some point, either this year or the next.
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As everyone else has said, take 10 courses.

Also, relax. There's not much to be overwhelmed about. You should understand that some of the courses you'll be taking (both Bios, Chem 1AO3, and Math 1LS3) will start off with quite a bit of review from high school. If you were taught the related grade 12 courses properly, approximately half of each of these courses should simply be review. That should let you adjust to 'university life' adequately.

If you do end up taking 10 courses, you should perhaps look at other courses that you could take if Kin 1YO3 ends up being full. From what I remember, Kin tends to be quite popular and if you can't get into SOLAR fairly early it's definitely possible that it'll be full.


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