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Anthro 2F03

Anthro 2F03
Cultural Anthropology
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Anthro 2F03

This course is essentially a continuation of Anthro 1A03. It is one of the mandatory second year anthro courses.

I had it taught by Rethmann.

We read three books (each semester had/has had differnt ones), and watched a few movies, and did analyses of them. Out of the three books, I really enjoyed one and have used it for essays in other courses.

Our course was divided into:
- attendance
- midterm
- final exam (take home)
- other things i can't remember
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I took this course in Fall 2009 and it was taught by Kee Yong. Personally, I think he is a great professor although he tends to go off-topic a lot.

We had a textbook with several different articles about cultural anthropology and we went through a little under half of them. The mark breakdown was a little bit different.

Tutorial attendance and participation - 25%
Mid-term exam - 35%
Final exam - 40%

The mid-term exam was a fill in the blanks exam and the final was three take home essays.

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Was there a tutorial or lab for this? Thanks!
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Interesting class with pretty good topics, the professor tends to go off on tangents but he is absolutely brilliant. I took this class in 2011 and there was a midterm essay and a final essay, no exam!
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ANTHRO 2F03 Review
Dr. Cowall taught this course in the 2015-2016 year. This course is a requirement for all students majoring in Anthropology. Depending on the professor the topic of discussion will vary. This course had a very simple layout with a paper, midterm, and exam. Not a bird course. No tutorials. Lecture topics were sometimes quite dry. Dr. Cowall was efficient in teaching her materials and an extremely understanding professor.
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