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Astron 1F03

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Astron 1F03
So Im really excited to take this course, I've heard good things. I just picked up my textbook today but I dont have the CD for the book.

From past experience does anyone think that this is a really bad thing? Can I live without it? Or is it a crucial part of the course and studying?

I know in gr12 I had CDs for both my Chem & Phys classes, but it was just the textbook on the computer with a few extra diagrams.

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you don't need the CD (and i think you can manage without the textbook). You will need the iclicker and mastering astronomy code though (assuming it is the same as last year) I have a brand new iclicker that i've never used if someone wants to buy it BTW.

Dr. Reid is the best prof. You will really enjoy this course. As long as you stay on top of the material there is no reason why you can't get a 10 -12

Melanieee says thanks to thedog123123 for this post.
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thedog123123 said it all but I just want to add:

Best. Course. Ever.

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i don't recall ever using the textbook.
btw dr.reid is the best prof in the universe
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I've only heard amazing things about this course. Hope u enjoy it !!!

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