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Can Night Class be held on a Friday?

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Originally Posted by Chris23 View Post
Everyone one has outside obligations that can sometimes interfere with school. Stop bitching about it and deal with it
Again. Life throws curve balls.

See above quote.

Nuff Said.
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Originally Posted by Zebedee View Post
First-year life sci's Friday nights:
Chem midterm, psych, bio, physics, chem, psych, bio, physics...
Thanksgiving might be thrown in there somewhere...
The difference is that you know about these in advance, right at the beginning of term so you can plan around them.

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Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
Do you not have any friends in that class?
My roommate was in my class and she dropped it last week.

The issue here is the lack of notice given, as Starfish said. Yes, sometimes outside commitments interfere with school... Except that I'm paying to be there, and I want to be there. I do think me attending this class will affect my grade on next week's midterm, because I know Sengupta. I'm probably going to call in sick, so this is a moot point, but it sucks that I have to inconvenience my employer and lose much-needed income because of this situation. My midterm grade is more important to me.

I schedule my shifts around school for a reason. I schedule my social life, group meetings and study time around classes for the same reason. I am paying to be here. Attending classes directly correlates to how well I do, and missing an entire night class directly before the midterm is not something I'm willing to do. So don't worry, it's being "dealt with" so you can dispense with the attitude.
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Originally Posted by starfish View Post
The difference is that you know about these in advance, right at the beginning of term so you can plan around them.


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