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Clubsfest Confirmed Clubs

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Clubsfest Confirmed Clubs
The following is a list of clubs who are confirmed to have a booth/table at Clubsfest!

Remember, Clubsfest is on Wednesday September 5th, 2007 from 9am to 3pm inside and outside of MUSC (Student Centre)

Be sure to come visit the MacInsiders table!
  • Afghan Student's Association
  • African Caribbean Association
  • Art and Art History Society
  • Art of Living
  • Artists Anonymous
  • Athletics In Residence
  • Bangladeshi Students Association
  • Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Hamilton
  • BioPsych Society
  • Campus Association for Baha'i Studies
  • Campus for Christ
  • Campus Health Centre
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • Canadian Centres for Teaching
  • CANFAR McMaster
  • Centre for Dance Performance
  • Centre for Peace Studies
  • Centre for Student Development
  • Chinese Students' Association
  • CIBC Run for the Cure
  • COCA
  • Comparative Literature Society
  • Culture Shock
  • DeGroote Accounting Association
  • DeGroote Corporate Social Initiatives
  • Degroote Finance Association
  • DeGroote Marketing Association
  • Filipino McMaster Student Association
  • Free Guitar Lessons
  • Global Medical Training (GMT) McMaster
  • Golden Key International Honou
  • Hamilton Chinese Christian Fel
  • Hamilton-McMaster Rotaract Club
  • Health Aging and Society Student Associa
  • Immaculate Dance Club
  • Incite Magazine
  • International Justice Mission
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • IPSC(Interprofessiona l Student
  • Israel On Campus
  • Jane Austen Society McMaster University
  • Jewish Students Association
  • KCCC (Korean Campus Crusade for Christ)
  • KSA (Korean students association)
  • Leave The Pack Behind
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Life Science Society
  • LIVE Campaign
  • Living Out Loud
  • MAC Buddha's Light Community
  • Mac MSF Club
  • MAC Roots & Shoots
  • Mac TaeKwon Do
  • Mac Vision
  • Mac Central
  • MacDebate
  • MacInsiders
  • MacNDP
  • Marxist-Leninist Party Club
  • MASS (Math And Stats Society)
  • McMaster Academia of Korean-Canadians (M
  • McMaster African Students Asso
  • McMaster Against Child Abuse
  • McMaster Amnesty
  • McMaster Arts for Children
  • McMaster Association of Conservatives
  • McMaster Association of Religious Studie
  • McMaster Atheist, Agnostic and Secularis
  • McMaster Best Buddies
  • McMaster Biology Society
  • McMaster Canadian Club
  • McMaster Catholic Students Association
  • McMaster Chaplaincy Centre
  • McMaster Chinese Broadcasting
  • McMaster Chinese Catholic Comm
  • McMaster Chinese Debate Society
  • McMaster Chinese Engineering S
  • McMaster Classics Club
  • McMaster Dance Club
  • McMaster DECA U
  • McMaster Dragon Boat
  • McMaster Figure Skating
  • McMaster French Club
  • McMaster Gospel Choir
  • McMaster Gymnastics
  • McMaster Habitat for Humanity
  • McMaster Heart and Stroke Association
  • McMaster Hindu Students Associ
  • McMaster Hispanic Society
  • McMaster Hong Kong Students' A
  • Mcmaster Investment Club
  • McMaster Iranian Students' Ass
  • McMaster Ismaili Students Association
  • McMaster Italian Association
  • McMaster Japanese Club
  • McMaster Jazz Band
  • McMaster LifeLine
  • McMaster Malayalee Students Association
  • McMaster Meducator
  • McMaster Mixed Martial Arts
  • McMaster Model United Natios
  • McMaster Molecular Biology Society
  • McMaster Multimedia Students Society
  • McMaster Musical Theatre
  • McMaster Muslim Students' Association
  • McMaster Orphan Sponsorship Trust
  • McMaster Out of Province Socie
  • McMaster Pagan Society
  • McMaster Photography Association
  • McMaster Polish Society
  • McMaster Pre-Law Society
  • McMaster Psychology Society
  • McMaster Racing Club
  • McMaster Science Society
  • McMaster Service Learning
  • McMaster Sikh Student Association
  • McMaster Skateboarding Club
  • McMaster Snowboard Club
  • McMaster Social Sciences Society
  • McMaster Solar Car Project
  • McMaster Students for Literacy
  • McMaster Tae Kwon Do Club
  • McMaster Taiwanese Students' Association
  • McMaster Toastmasters
  • McMaster Ukrainian Students Association
  • McMaster Ultimate
  • McMaster Undergraduate Nursing Science S
  • McMaster University Choir
  • McMaster University Concert Band
  • McMaster Whitewater
  • McMaster Women's Ice Hockey
  • Mentors in Action Training Leaders in Ed
  • Mills Library
  • MSU Korean Christian Fellowshi
  • MSU Rhodes
  • MSU Services
  • MSU Telethons
  • Muslim Students Association
  • Ombuds Office
  • Open Circle
  • OPIRG McMaster
  • OUCH (Ontario Universities Competition i
  • Pakistani Students Association
  • PAWS @ Mac
  • Peace and Conflict Studies Soc
  • Peer Helper Program & Dr. Mary E. Keyes
  • Red Cross Youth Council
  • Smiling Over Sickness
  • Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Sociology Society
  • Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights
  • South Indian Association
  • STAND McMaster
  • Students for Organ Donation
  • Symphony Hamilton
  • The Hamilton B'Leafs
  • The Lift Club
  • The Lung Association @ Mac
  • The McMaster Nerd Club
  • The Sanctuary West
  • The Society of Off Campus Stud
  • UNICEF Mac
  • Unite for Sight McMaster
  • Voices for North Korea
  • War Child @ Mac
  • West Indian Students United
  • Westside McMaster Club
  • Womein in Engineering Society
  • Women's Studies Society
  • World Vision @ MAC
  • Youth for Christ @ Mac
  • YWCA McMaster
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how many is that? 230?
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Marxist-Leninist Party Club? LOL, that's unfortunate... :(
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i joined a club on welcome day and i cant remember its name anymore but i dont see it on there >.< .....something outdoors. they have canoe trips to temagami...
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It may be the McMaster Outdoor Club...but I really don't know. There are waaay to many to easily keep track.

Regardless, they will be emailing you sometime after WW to invite you to their meeting. Or, you could join what seems to be like the club during clubsfest just in case you still dont' remember.
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Club directory is now updated! 6
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Note: Clubsfest info is updated. It will take place on Wednesday September 5th, 2007 from 9am to 3pm
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Aaaand we'll be there! Yay!

With free stuff! Another yay!
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