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Computer Science

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Computer Science
Can anyone fill me in on information i would need to know for this course
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I don't know too much about this course, but I was thinking of taking it a few years back.
This seems to be a course where you basically learn how to solve problems. You learn to break up problems into subsections and use different techniques in solving these problems. Seems to be a lot of theory and close to no hands-on work. Some people find it easy, others think the course is a total waste.

Here is a thread with discussion of several first year comp sci classes: 1

Good luck,
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I took Comp Sci 1MA3 with Dr. Zucker.
Learned absolutely nothing from it, except that A<- B means you assign A the value of B (I probably even got that wrong, hah).
Class midterm average of 30%, /very/ unfair TA marks the assignments, after the midterm, class shrunk from... 50 or so to 20ish.

Of course, if you had a different prof, a different TA, things could be much better.

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