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Course Picking: Mechanical Eng & Management

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Zetsubou Sensei
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Course Picking: Mechanical Eng & Management
Well, I have two questions about my course selections;

Firstly, I've taken both Econ 1B03 and 1BB3 in the first year of engineering and I completed both courses prior to getting into the Mechanical Engineering and Management course. As such, should I have some notification when picking my Mech Engineering II courses for second year about having finished 1BB3 in the previous year? Or do I just simply neglect to include it in this year's schedule under the presumption that I should be fine? I know this might sound silly, but I'm only asking because I really want to do as little "phone calling" and going down to the Engineering Offices in JHE just to clear some mishaps on my part .

Secondly; If the above puts me in the clear, I have an 3-unit course available for some elective in order to meet 2nd year's total requirement of 37 units. I guess this is more a multi tier question so bare with me.
1) lets say I want to take a language course. I noticed a lot of the first year courses are 6 units, which obviously goes over the limit. Am I bared from picking these courses?
2) if language courses cannot be applied to my schedule, am I able to take 3rd year Mechanical Engineering courses in my 2nd year (of course, under the assumption of having completed any prerequisites in the first term)?

Thank in advance MI
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If you've already completed Econ 1BB3, then you've already completed it. No need to take it again.

You can overload and take a language course. To overload you'll have to contact your Associate Dean's office. You'll have to have had a 7.0 SA last year in order to be allowed overload.

If you can't overload or decide not to, you are allowed to take any course as long as you have the prerequisites.

Note: Associate Dean of Engineering Ken Coley 24646 [email protected]
Jeremy Han
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Zetsubou Sensei
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thanks for the thorough explanation~ didn't know about the overload. Will take into consideration! Thanks again =D
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