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Dealing with annoying people

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Dealing with annoying people
Hi I'm a student heading into 3rd year and i decided to take a summer/spring class. I am enjoying the content in this class so far. However, I feel like I am sorta getting annoyed dealing with people in the class. I found out a former classmate of mine messaged me on facebook telling me she was going to take the same course as I. I was sorta disappointed when I found out about this because I wasn't entirely fond of her. I just hate sitting with someone solely due to the fact they prefer company. I know that sounds rude, but it's true. I also met this one other chick in my class and she asked for my number (in case one of us would miss lecture). I only talked to her cause we both found out our classes got moved into a different room this one day. Now she is texting me, telling me unnecessary things such as 'i'm studying for the quiz' or 'would you like to meet up before class' as if I would care.

I was hence wondering how can I avoid something like this in the future? Does anyone feel this way at all or is it just me? I really enjoy talking to people and all. But I feel like I'm dealing with the same kind of annoying girls in university that just want to use me in case this or this happens. I want to meet unique people, not the same kind of people that only talk to you for reasons of school. I also want to meet people that aren't always up on your business. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading.
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For someone you don't want to sit with: Try to find out if there's an area of the lecture hall where they dont want to sit because they can't see/can't hear/ don't like the chairs in that area, etc. and sit there and say that you like that area and then they won't sit with you. Alternatively, you can come to class almost right before class starts so that most of the seats will be filled and you might not have to see them at all.

For the person who won't stop texting you: Just ignore the texts and pretend you didn't get them. Or build the reputation that you're the type of person who never checks her phone so it's always too late to reply.
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Do what chicks do when guys message them 3 times a day: Ignore them.

As for not sitting with them. Come to class late, and just sit where ever you want. It's not like they are gonna jump and run to you, like complete fucking wads.

I want to meet unique people
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How you tried the assertive approach and tell them that you need to concentrate on the class as it's your upper year now and would like to sit apart from the person so you can't get distracted?

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