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Econs.. 1B03 and 1BB3

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Econs.. 1B03 and 1BB3
Hey Guys. so i decided to explore other programs.. and so i took econs...
thus. i would like some pointers and tips on how to ace these electives
so here are my questions......
the level of difficulties in these classes...?
are there any tricks in some test? what to expect from lectures and tests
how should i study for it.. ( use lecture notes, textbooks, old tests?)
how is the exam like and midterms like?
what are the preferences of the profs.. i.e how do they word questions on midterms and exams...? and how well do they explain stuff

any other suggestions?
i heard econs 1BB3 is very hard.... if so wat did u do to survive the class with a good mark

lol.. too many questions.. but i would really appreciate any suggestions..
thanks in advance..

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hello there,
i'm in the faculty of science.. i took both econ 1b03 and 1bb3 with dr. khan ...he's a good prof and an easy one u veto read the book if u take it with dr. khan and this is the only way i got good marks in both courses....i actually got a 10 in the first one and an 11 in the second one.... 50% of his questions come directly form the study guides ... i heard the same thing as u that 1bb3 is harder than 1b03 but after i took 1bb3 i actually found it even easier than the 1st one...i would recomend u take 1b03 b4 taking 1bb3 so that way u know wht he's talking about in 1bb3 ... hope i answered most of ur questions... i still have the books +study guides + tests+ coursewares + assignments and both textbooks are in mint condition...i'm selling both booksincluding everything for only $140 ...if ur interested then email me at [email protected] or call me at 905-966-0677 good luck
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lol.. thanks for the reply eaman..
now im relieved about 1bb3... im takin 1b03 in T1 and bb3 in T2..
and about the textbooks, im already covered.. but thanks for the advice and tips though.. all much appreciated

p.s.. anyone had Holmes?.. thats who i have this year... how was he like.. and wat should expect from him?

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From what i heard, Dr. Khan said he isn't teaching first year courses anymore according to the last lecture (1bb3).

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