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Getting Around Campus

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Getting Around Campus
Hey MacInsiders

I was just curious, I have a couple classes with only 10 mintes in between that are about 6 or 7 minutes walkin distance according to some other mac students. I was thinking about buying a bike but of course security issues i am concerned about. Is this a good idea? Are there any bike racks are places to lock my bike? Also, since im from the caribbean, i'll be new to snow and how am i supposed to ride one in the snow? Anyway if you can help me out anyone, i'd appreciate it. Im in brandon and have to go to the burkes science building, the psychology building, and a couple other. THANKS!
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Don't worry about it - Unless you have to trek all the way from one building to another, you'll be able to make it (ie, like KTH to ITB). 10 minutes is enough time to get between most buildings on campus, and many lectures don't start exactly on the dot for time either, and some will even end 2 or 3 minutes early. Even if you have a very long cross campus trek, at most you'll only be a few minutes late, and most profs are not going to mind. They tend to cluster classes somewhat for each faculty, so people aren't stuck running all over the place all day.

I wouldn't buy a bike for treking between classes. It will probably take you more time to do this, because you have to find a place to lock it up, and unlock it after each class than just straight walking. Plus, riding in the snow IS a pain, but Mac is pretty good at clearing the pathways fairly quickly. But Hamilton does have bike routes if you are interested in using a bike to get around the city. Most people don't ride when there is snow and ice on the ground (There are a few hardcore individuals who do though) - it gets more dangerous to ride.

Security, Brandon should have a bike room for storage when you aren't out and about, and there are some rentable bike lockers scattered about campus. I couldn't tell you what the rate of bike theft is around here though.
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I wouldn't recommend riding a bike in the snow... There might be ice under the snow or the snow might be deep. The best thing to do is buy some good boots with good traction and walk. I don't think the time it takes will increase buy more than a minute or two. I the pace of walking in snow about the same as walking without snow depending on the level of snow. And just remember that you aren't the only one in your class that has to walk through the snow, so if you are late, then most likely others are as well.
You can also risk speedwalking or running in the snow if there is a lot of snow around. You might fall but the snow will protect your from the concrete. The only thing that might be hurt is your ego.
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Eva C
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bike is a good idea before the snow gets here and when the snow is gone. But it seems like we have quite a bit of snow time lately. Anyways, I am sure there is a bike rack at most residence. there is a bike room in les prince. that is indoors. There is bike racks outside keyes and bates. there is a bike locking area that is in the basement. from what i rmb..
psych is across campus, so that is futher away. walking isn't generall ya problem. You really wont' get late. Profs don't usually start right on the dot on time. prb 1-2 minutes after the time. They dont' mind if ppl are late and come in late. they understand.
i'm not too sure about security problems.. maybe someone that uses a bike alot can answer this.
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I'm not sure how safe Hamilton is. I know in Toronto there are a lot of bike thefts. Here are some tips to keep your bike secure, might be a little much for hamilton though:

Use a chain lock AND a U-lock.
Always lock the bikes so the key hole is facing down, that way if anyone has to pick a lock they have to pick it upside down or lying on their backs.
I don't remember which, but use one lock to lock the back wheel to the frame and a chain lock to lock the back wheel to the frame to the bike rack. So I think you use the chain lock for all three and the u-lock for the bike to the frame.
If you can take the seat with you. I'll give the bike thief a hard time to get the bike to where he wants to go
If you can file down some numbers and letters onto the bike and write it down somewhere. This is incase your bike is stolen and the police recover it. Have you heard about the thousands of bikes the police have retrieved in Toronto?

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