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social psych question panda22 Academics 3 06-07-2011 01:15 PM

HBA PNB vs HBA Social Psych

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HBA PNB vs HBA Social Psych
Which is better to lead to clinical psych and what's the difference between the required courses? PNB has different courses this year and gah!!! Got no response from Ann Hollingstead yet so I beg for aid here <3
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Maybe this will help? ca/psy...-2011-2012.pdf

The new courses really confused me too!
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I'm not sure if this is your question..But I would look into the school's you're interested in for Clinical Psych and look into the course equivalents or course descriptions here at Mac.

Also, here's a list of the old course code and the corresponding new code: /CALEN...12/pg2305.html
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Ann's usually swamped by emails at this time of year so it's not surprising that your email would be lost (or that she'd take a while to respond), but McMaster's psychology department isn't really well geared towards clinical psychology, we're far more focused on experimental psychology. If you're aiming for Clinical Social Psych will likely give you the freedom to take more Psych courses that interest you, but the PNB program is geared towards research and having a strong research background (i.e. Project courses, Practicums, Thesis, and possibly publications) would help your application when the time comes. The decision is up to you in the end, but as long as you meet the requirements for the school you're applying to either program is fine and both have their pros/cons.
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