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Dun Baller
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Hey everyone! My name is Dunika and i'm entering first year kin! i'm actually sooooo excited yet i'm a bit sad to be leaving high school (markham district) but whatevs mac is gonna be LEGIT! i hope to either become a doctor for a pro sport team, and like travel around with them and stuff or just work in a hospital setting doing something cool bahah i absolutely looooveee music and i'm into all kinds of stuff, like rap (mostly underground stuff but a bit of mainstream too), rock (indie, christian, pop, and some other stuff lol), acousticy stuff, screamo (post hardcore), metal core, and a bit of dance music during party nights hahaha my fave band though is DEFINITELY relient k<3! omg i'm amped for warped tour, its gonna but nutssss! i'm also hugely into sports, mainly soccer (unionville and markham baby!) and basketball (mumba!). i also like emoticons if you haven't noticed yet bahah anyways i'm gonna finish up my essay by saying that i hope i get to meet all you cool people and you weird people, stay out of my way.
bahaha jokes
See you guys at MAC!

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Originally Posted by Dun Baller View Post
Hey everyone! My name is Dunika and i'm entering first year kin!
Hello Dunika and welcome to Mac(insiders)! :o

i'm actually sooooo excited yet i'm a bit sad to be leaving high school (markham district) but whatevs mac is gonna be LEGIT!
University > High School. FACT!
(Well okay, sometimes you miss high school but still.)
Jeffrey Chan
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Welcome Dunika! What a cool name! There's lots of other Kin students who have introduced themselves here on MacInsiders.. be sure to connect with them! Send them a private message and help each other out

Be sure to check out our multi-part series on getting involved with campus life at Mac!

Also be sure to read the great stories and articles posted in our Advice and tips section "First Year Success" which has stories of student's experiences during their first year at McMaster, first week at Mac, starting new programs, etc! You'll be able to learn a lot of tips!




And if you need any help with anything on MacInsiders, be sure to give me a shout!

President, MacInsiders

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