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Homecoming 2009 Photos

Homecoming 2009 Photos

Go Mac Go!
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Credits: Temara Brown
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so I couldn't go... what's with the police and the ambulance?
Steven Thompson
Chief Returning Officer, MSU (Elections)
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a guelph player got injured, and the cops escorted a drunk female off the field...i must say i was laughing really hard, she was a champ
Ronak Gandhi
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Has the Guelph player's actual injury been discovered yet?

I've heard numerous things, the worst of which is an injury to the femur. A friend of mine's dad is a doctor, was watching the game and called my friend to talk about the injury because they way they were treating it was the way in which EMS is trained to deal with especially destructive injuries.

Since the femoral artery runs aside the femur, it is an extremely tough thing to deal with as the bone needs to be kept absolutely immobile to prevent the broken shards to cut the artery.

It's a major thing and many people have bled out because that is one of the most major arteries in the body. The way they were apparently treating the injury included lots of precautions to make the guy's leg immobile, and they were treating him for shock prevention.
Old 10-30-2009 at 03:53 PM   #5
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You take gorgeous photos

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