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Interesting Videos....

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Interesting Videos....
These videos aren't funny so they don't belong there...but worth the watch regardless!!

Ellen: Steve Spangler

I think we need to do this...and make it a Macinsiders video. Anyone else want in? this one is kind of random...but...well, I always wondered how they did it.

Who doesn't remember Bill Nye? He had a show for adults called Eyes of Nye...this clip is from back in the day when we were younger...but...still awesome.
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science nerd has an explanation for the first one with ellen...

the cornstarch-water mixture is classified as a Non-Newtonian fluid. The molecules are shaped like L's. When you hit them hard, the lock together. But, when you only touch them softly, they slide past one another, avoiding the locking that makes them a solid.

Here's another video with more tricks you can do with this.
If you put it on a speaker and emit some sort of frequency, you get this effect where pseudopod-esque things come out at you and dance around. Also, if you were to blow a hole to the bottom, it stays there much unlike a regular fluid.

This one is another game show where they filled a tub with this stuff..
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Wow haven't Watched Bill Nye in a long time. Reminds me of Elementary School and the good old days
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haha, the smoke shooter with the garbage can (1st video) is really neat!
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i love how the guy got his measurements wrong in the rabbit video.

2 METRES IS NOT 8 FEET. More like 6 and 2/3 feet.
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Originally Posted by sjager View Post
i love how the guy got his measurements wrong in the rabbit video.

2 METRES IS NOT 8 FEET. More like 6 and 2/3 feet.
Old 11-08-2008 at 09:04 AM   #7
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Also, one of the cool things about the school that I'm at now is that they have about a 20-DVD collection of Bill Nye videos! I don't care how old you are, they're pure awesomeness.
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Subprime mortgage crisis explained in layman's terms!
Must watch....
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