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Some rather Interesting websites! :0

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Some rather Interesting websites! :0
So I was just going through the times list of top 50 websites, ml

And came across some remarkable websites that I for some reason had missed before!

I've picked a few that I was really impressed by:

1) / It contains an online catalog of free lectures from alot of Ivy league American Universities! If you are having trouble understanding the teaching style/accent of your Mac Prof or they sent away your favorite sessional, no worries anymore! Before I had to search on youtube for my astrophysics lectures now its all in one place! Some of these prof's though are just WOW! I see why some people pay $30k a year in USA!

2) This is a bit offbeat website called it takes a bit of a while to figure out that it isn't really talking about actually getting high! Its about visual and audio illusions! Getting fooled by them and then seeing the explanation really drills in how suspectible our brain is to manipulation and its relative weakness of perception!

3) It is a bit like academic earth but the difference being it contains material from public intellectuals, leaders and from non classroom environments!

4) Keeping up with the latest news involved alot of googling and opening up pages. Popurls combines all sorts of news stories in one accesible page. But most importantly it is in descending order based on time!


Finally I "rediscovered"

For those of you who don't know Stephen Wolfram is one of the geniuses of our generation who published a world class paper on quarks at age 18!

He created this project called an online computation engine; It is far superior to anything google might throw at you. Though obviously for now it has a comparitivly limited range of subjects. But its scary the amount of data it can process from various sources and how "intelligent" it is as a system.

It can do any calculation for you even if you haven't entered it properly, it will give you a result and a huge amount of theoretical data surrounding it! Try putting in for example "sin^2 x + Cos^2 x" I am surprised Mowicz hasn't been mentioning/plugging this website in every single post of his, its a math geek heaven!

Alternatively you can put in 4 or 5 different stock quote names and it automatically recognizes them and gives you detailed analysis and comparisions!

Or Put in "Big Mac Whopper" and it gives you a large amount of comparitive nutritional data on Both! here are more examples!

We have always heard as to how the number of "computations" a computer can do in a second is going up every year; we can now directly harness it!

Its just staggering seriously!

What are your favorites?
Huzaifa Saeed
BA Hon, Political Science & Sociology, Class of 2013

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Taunton, TheAxtmann all say thanks to huzaifa47 for this post.

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There's also
Jeremy Han
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I really like that academic earth site! It brings back the idea that was brought up by other users in the strike discussion regarding everyone getting together to teach each other for free outside of class time.
Ben Taunton
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Originally Posted by jhan523 View Post = awesome ^-^

There's also
Ted is awesome, have you seen the talk that Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) did? Really, really entertaining.

Kinda wish that I could watch the Academic Earth videos on my iPhone... get some calculus review in on the bus to work tomorrow, but alas, it requires Flash :(
Adam Axtmann
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Software Engineering & Management
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Adam Savage is awesome, he also did a couple talks with Fora.
Jeremy Han
McMaster Alumni - Honours Molecular Biology and Genetics
Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University Third Year - Doctor of Optometry

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