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Mac Calender Vs. Degree Audit...

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Mac Calender Vs. Degree Audit...
If the appropriate McMaster Undergraduate Calender and your degree audit specify different course requirements for your program, which one do you follow?

I assume its the degree audit, since it is personally assessing your courses...
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I'm not sure, but I ran into the same problem as well--the course calendar says I need two of three courses, and the degree audit says I need all three. I assumed that the degree audit one was messed up (I was having issues earlier with it and they emailed me saying that since it's a new program, they had to set everything up and it should be okay now). It's probably safest to email one of your program advisors to make sure, though, since I've noticed errors in the course calendar as well.
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Always follow your degree audit.
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Degree audit for sure.
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Calender can become outdated, degree audit probably won't, unless its a typo!
Talk to a faculty advisor though, you don't want to make a course selection based soley on what it says on some electronic thingy.. or at least post it here for advice because theres probably somebody here who's taking the same program as you.
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I e-mail the psych undergrad adviser, so I'll see what she says.

Some of the differences, however, make little sense.

For example, the calender says I need to take 2 of a list of 4 courses, and I have to take 1 of 2 specific courses in the list of 4.

The degree audit says I need to take 2 of the same list of 4 courses, but I can only take a maximum of 1 of the same 2 specified courses in the list of 4.

Similar inconsistencies forced me to go through my entire undergrad plan and reevaluate my selections.

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