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Math 1ls3

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Math 1ls3
Is it wise to study the textbook questions and coursepack or should i focus just on the coursepack. I've looked through the textbook questions and some seem odd :S I need to get an 90+ on this exam! your every advice helps !
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I would say to focus on the courseware, since the questions on the exam are similar to those in the courseware. Also, make sure you understand and know how to do the questions from past exams, tests and the assignments WITHOUT looking at the solutions. And remember to focus on integration since that's what the most of the exam is focused on, the things you learned towards the end of the course!

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I agree, definitely spend your time focusing on courseware, I found the textbook was no help at all. Good luck!
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focus on the courseware, practice tests and redo the midterms
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If you're taking it with Clements, just go to class and especially for the "exam tips", it will be exactly like your real exam!
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with Clements: amazing prof, teaches well (easy on the eyes) and coursepack is all you really need, I found textbook useless except clarifying concepts taught in class
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Definitely the coursepack. I took it with Lovric 2 years ago, and I did the textbook questions for part of the course, but then stopped cause they were far from his question style and not very useful tbh!
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know how to find the definite integral of ln x
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Originally Posted by p14r View Post
know how to find the definite integral of ln x
that kinda killed me on the exam
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x ln(x) - x + C
It was covered more in 1A03.

That rhymes. lol

That's the indefinite integral. You get that by integrating by parts (<-hyperlinked).
Substitute the upper and lower limits for the x' and subtract them. Upper limit minus lower limit.

i.e. if your upper limit was b, and lower limit was a such as in here:

Then you solve:
[b ln(b)-b]-[a ln(a)-a] = your answer
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Yeah, the integral of lnx is really, 1*lnx. then you do integration by parts from there
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-Understand what an integral is (definite and indefinite)
-Know the "trick" behind the integral of e^x*sin(x) dx.
-Know the "invisible friend" trick (ie. 1*ln(x) and then do parts)
-Study all problems? (Am I the only one that does?)

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