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McMaster Kinesiology Offers of Admission?

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McMaster Kinesiology Offers of Admission?
Hi, I've applied to McMaster University this year as it is my number 1 choice for universities. I'm really keen on studying Kinesiology here and was wondering if they are still sending out offers. I also wanted to hear your personal opinion on whether or not you think I can get in to the program or not. First of all, I'd like to start off by asking what McMaster thinks about taking summer school courses. Over the last two years, I have taken grade 11 and grade 12 biology over the summer. I did this to reduce my workload during the school year. Will this affect my chances of getting in? Secondly, I took note that the admission average required to get in is an 87 - 90%. I currently have an 87% average. Lastly, I noticed that Calculus/Exercise Science are two recommended grade 12 courses, however I do not have these courses. Will not having these courses affect my chances of getting in? All things considered, I meet all the requirements as I have the required courses as well as the required average. I have listed my grades below for all my 12U courses. Do you think I still have a chance at getting in? Let me know.

BTW, I study at a private school (HSC) Could this possibly help my case? Let me know. Below are my grades.

Biology - 90
English - 88
Technological Design - 88
Canadian and Global Issues - 88
Philosophy - 92
Advanced Functions - 76

Total Average - 87

I'd highly appreciate it if you left a response. Thanks for taking the time to read my questions!
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Studying at a private school is irrelevant - why would it matter?!
Taking summer courses is irrelevant.
Not taking recommended courses is irrelevant.

However, you are misunderstanding the admissions averages posted on the website. As it specifies on the website, they are estimates only and attaining the ESTIMATED admissions cutoff average does not guarantee acceptance. Nobody knows what the cutoff will be ahead of time. They will accept x number of people per year, so they rank them all from highest to lowest average and then the top x applicants will get in. If you haven't heard yet, you're probably on the bubble, but there's not much you can do now except wait.

HawkInTheSky says thanks to starfish for this post.
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Hi Shaun

Welcome to MacInsiders! Congrats on choosing Mac as your first choice, a great choice!

As Starfish said, the way the cut off works is not guaranteed, but more of an estimate.

None of the items you mentioned (summer vs regular courses, private school, etc) affect your chances, in the end it's your grade average that gets you ranked on the admissions list, and then they send out offer letters to x number of people to reach their goal amount of students they aim to have for the year.

At this point just continue to wait for an offer.

Last year the admission average I see listed is 89% which is on the higher end of that range you mentioned.

But keep in mind that the standard decision deadline is near end of May, so they still have weeks to send out more offers. You might still get one *fingers crossed!*

Best of luck.

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