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Myers-Briggs Personality Types

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i remember doing a carrer quiz in high school where they asked questions like" do you enjoy taking care of patients?" and "do you like doing scientific labs?". they really got straight to the point. u knew the results before u were even done. and on top of that they made us pay to do it.
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ENFP in the house! Yeahyeah!

I am, apparently, "The Inspirer".

I live externally, taking things in via my intuition. I'm good at things that interest me, enthusiastic, full of potential and bright (I'm liking this quiz already). Problem is, I can sometimes "over do it" in an effort to win acceptance and the mundane gets me down. I can make serious errors in judgement and demand independence...I'm essentially a ball of confusion, mystery and shiz I don't even understand.

So, essentially, this quiz is bang on.
Chris Erl
Honours B.A. History and Poli Sci (2012)
M.A. Work and Society (2013)
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So I got INTJ on Facebook, but ISFJ on the other one. Hrrm. >.>
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probably means you're kind of varying between the two middle ones..
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You are:
  • moderately expressed introvert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • moderately expressed thinking personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality
Is it just me, or does "moderately expressed introvert" make it sound really boring? :|
Mark Reeves
Humanities I Victory Lap!
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moderately expressed extravert
moderately expressed intuitive personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed judging personality

Apparently I'm the 'teacher idealist' type

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Your Type is

"ENTJs focus on the most efficient and organized means of performing a task. This quality, along with their goal orientation, often makes ENTJs superior leaders, both realistic and visionary in implementing a long-term plan. ENTJs tend to be fiercely independent in their decision making, having a strong will that insulates them against external influence. Generally highly competent, ENTJs analyze and structure the world around them in a logical and rational way. Due to this straightforward way of thinking, ENTJs tend to have the greatest difficulty of all the types in applying subjective considerations and emotional values into the decision-making process."

The "fieldmarshal", where <2% of the population are Fieldmarshals. ( Variant%29)

This is me, spot on.
Ben Taunton
Life Science IV
McMaster University

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I work at Career Services so I've done these tests numerous times. I'm ENTJ but sometimes I switch to ENFJ but it's always one of those two.
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I took the Facebook one this morning and got the same result.
-Stefanie Walsh-
4th Year Multimedia 2010-2011
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[FONT='Arial Narrow',sans-serif]Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging[/font]
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I also get ISFP too in the past/other quizzes

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There's an awful lot of INTJs for what is supposed to be such a rare personality type

I'm also INTJ, according to when we did the test in Psych. Shared by Ayn Rand, Thomas Jefferson, Calvin Coolidge, and Isaac Newton, which I feel is quite good company.
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Originally Posted by reeves View Post

You are:
  • moderately expressed introvert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • moderately expressed thinking personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality
I got the same result
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I had the Myers-Briggs Test done at Career Services at University of Ottawa, and this is what I got

ISTJ: "The inspector". (Quite common, really.)
  • People who prefer Introversion tend to focus their attention on the inner world of ideas and impressions
  • People who prefer Sensing tend to take in information through the five senses and focus on the here and now
  • People who prefer Thinking tend to make decisions based primarily on logic and on objective analysis of cause and effect
  • People who prefer Judging tend to like a planned and organized approach to life and prefer to have things settled.
Andrew Luu
Medical Radiation Sciences '14 (Radiation Therapy)

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Originally Posted by marieeeeeee View Post
I got the same result
Me too! not 100%, but still pretty accurate
Mary Keyes CA 2013-2014
Hons. Biology and Pharmacology V

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