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Note taking and organizational methods

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Note taking and organizational methods
Hello Everyone!

I am just wondering what some of your note taking methods are.

Ie. Do you use a binder for class and write your notes in a notebook afterwords, do you type your notes after class... etc etc

I know it is not the same for everyone, but I am just trying to get ideas to figure out what will be best for me before school starts.

Thanks in advance!
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I take notes on my laptop to add to whatever handout/slides we're given and then combine my notes and handouts into study sheets before midterms/exams which gives me a concise set of information to study and has the built-in benefit of being review as well.
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I use a pen and paper in class, then type them up later. It gives me an excuse to go over them again, which helps retention, and I add in extra info where needed, omit stuff I know I'm not going to have to re-read again, and can add in charts, pictures, etc where needed. For exams I start by making myself a list of the material I need to prep for, then do up a 1-2 page sheet for each class based on that list to study from.
Mark Reeves
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I write my notes in a notebook for each class. At night I summarize my notes onto lined pieces of paper which I then put into a binder divided into 5 section, 1 for each class. This way I already have a summary of the notes for when I need to study.

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I print off the class notes (if there are any). And then in class, its just the usual pen and paper. I don't type them up afterwards.
I have one 250pg notebook for each class. But I think this year, I'm going to switch to a binder, depending on the volume of class notes and printoffs.
Bringing my computer to class would be a HUGE hassle because its huge and I end up spending most of my time on facebook anyways.
Kevin Yin
Chemical Biology IV
|Economics (minor)
President, McMaster Undergraduate Society for the Chemical Sciences

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I print out the class notes if there are any and just add to them with pen. Otherwise its just pen and loose leaf paper which I add to a binder when I get home. I keep each subject in a different binder. I find this is easier because you don't have to carry around 5 notebooks and if you want to study on the go you can just take out the sheets that you need. Its also easier to add in extra notes in between, like if you think or something or have to borrow notes off a friend.
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I mostly type in my laptop except for courses that I can't, like math and chemistry. Most of the courses I take have slides, so I type the extra information directly on it.
Jeremy Han
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I tend to write on just lined paper. I don't buy those notebooks because they're awkward to write in, in my opinion. Sometimes I bring my laptop to class. It depends on the class. In fourth year philosophy seminars I prefer my laptop. Whereas religious studies classes I prefer pen and paper. Either works in the Humanities/Social Science courses. Although some religious studies professors are pretty against laptops.

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Whatever method works for you depends on what program you're in and what kinds of notes you need to take. Go to classes for a week, then decide.

Personally, I do love my notebooks.

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Microsoft One Note for Polisci/Socio and other SocSci courses
One of those 100/250 page notebooks for Economics(Because it has graphs and equations).

But the key thing here is to try out Microsoft One Note, it is FAR superior to Microsoft Word or anything Apple has to offer.
Huzaifa Saeed
BA Hon, Political Science & Sociology, Class of 2013

MSU Vice President Education '12/13

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Im in Humanities and i just buy the huge notebook mac sells for like $8 that are already sectioned off into 5 sections(1 for each class). Ive never gone over the amount of pages given but even if you do it has pouches that you can slip extra paper in.

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