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Studying Methods

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Studying Methods
I need some advice,

Lets take biology 1MO3 for instance:

Is it better to: A) Pre-read the chapter before going to class
B) Printing the notes from webct and writing additional info as the professor talks
C) Reviewing those notes at the end of the week

Is this a good studying strategy?

The reason im asking this is because in highschool, some of the test had questions that were directly from the textbook and were never either explained in the notes or werent explained in sufficent detail.

Do you think i should be making notes from the books? Like making notes on every since chapter in the biology book. I noticed that the notes i print from webct omit a lot of information that is present in the book.

Are test and exam questions only based on the notes taken from webct or are there specific questions from the book that areent exaplined in the notes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Im not taking biology right now but I recommend you get a piece of lined paper and write some notes yourself..bring those to class too cause it might help or assist you..

After 1 week of lectures, I learned that I should spend some extra time just reading through my book and taking some notes..cause my lecture notes are simple summaries and fail to grasp the concept i cant just use those to study for the test..however, u can use them to focus on a specific part in the textbook!

hope that helps

edit: but A,B,and C all work! Heck, im gonna steal those ideas from you =P

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Unfortunately a lot of it has to do with how you study as well as the material.

As a general rule of thumb, what you wrote in parts A-C should at least be helpful to you.

If you're a SOCS student, they usually run exam survival sessions in Novemberish. If you're in res, the CA's do some pre-midterm sessions starting before thanksgiving. You can also contact The Center for Student Development (CSD) to see how they can help; they have peer mentors that help first year students in a variety of ways.
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