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OSAP question

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OSAP question
i forgot to pick up OSAP in term 1, but i picked up in term 2.
so I only received part of the money.
Is there any way to receive the OSAP money from term 1 as well?
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I would recommend speaking to the Student Financial Aid Office in Gilmour Hall ASAP. I'm not sure about how to handle this situation specifically but I'm sure they can help you.

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lol how did you forget to pick up money?
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Originally Posted by TTHX View Post
lol how did you forget to pick up money?
I was asking myself the same thing. I am highly dubious that they will let him get the money. If they are so uptight about the Jan 15 pick up date for bursaries, I can't see this happening, unfortunately.
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if you didn't get your money then either:
1. you will get your money
2. you will not and OSAP will just decrease your funding which means less to pay back.
3. you get in trouble because you are applied for it and you "forgot" to get the money you need to pay for school.

(I ranked it in order of most likely to least likely)
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Originally Posted by dmzz View Post
I was asking myself the same thing. I am highly dubious that they will let him get the money. If they are so uptight about the Jan 15 pick up date for bursaries, I can't see this happening, unfortunately.
There's a difference in those two situations though...The Jan 15th pick up date is assigned entirely by McMaster.

OSAP on the other hand, is an agreement between student and govenment which has nothing to do with Mac at all (except for the fact that Mac acts as the 'parent' and holds the money until you need it). McMaster can't legally keep the money from you if you're entitled to it.

However...the government's agreement with you may mention something about a deadline to pick up your first OSAP payment. I doubt it however, you will more than likely get your money, after a bit of legwork.

Drop into the financial aid office on Monday and start asking questions.
Old 01-31-2010 at 10:33 AM   #7
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Sounds like you really have a lot of need for this money...
Old 02-01-2010 at 10:32 PM   #8
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the chances of getting the funding you "forgot" to pick up are unlikely. if you were "indire need" of financial assistance I'm pretty sure you would of remembered something like picking up your OSAP. with that said, OSAP will most likely assume you don't need the funding and unless you have a substansial reason why you didn't pick up the funding, you probably won't get it at all.

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