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pop music 2ii3 - how hard/easy are the midterms?

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pop music 2ii3 - how hard/easy are the midterms?
I am taking music 2ii3 with simon woods this semester and i have a midterm coming up soon. For those people who have taken the course in the past with woods, how hard are his tests? are the listening sections multiple choice questions? and what questions does he usually ask for the listening section?

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can anyone comment on it?
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Hey, I'm also taking Music 2ii3 and I'd like to hear some comments as well.

Simon mentioned that if we've taken good notes in lecture, and read the specified pages in the text, everything we need to know is there, so I expect it'll be fair at least. He's also hinted towards it being very easy (he made some comment about how our class will 'positively skew the university's average' come this Saturday lol). Every question will be multiple choice, and I think the song questions will be something like: what year was the song made, who was the composer, what genre/style is it (Tin Pan Alley, Country Blues, Parlour etc) and probably some questions on the form charts... just whatever was mentioned about each song in lecture.
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I took it in the summer 2011 with Simon and found that as long as you weren't sleeping in class, if you were taking notes, you'll be fine. Memorize everything from the notes, listen through and know the WHOLE song (he takes a small segment from anywhere, usually somewhere significant but won't contain the name of the song) and the material from the assigned readings. There's usually like 2 questions from the assigned readings. 3 songs for the midterms (4 on the final) and for the songs, he'll ask 3 questions about the one song (total of 9 questions) and he will ask you about the date, who sang/wrote it, what era does the song come from, any significant details about the song that he mentioned in class. If he didn't mention a detail about the song in class, you won't need to know it. So don't bother wiki-ing everything you find about the one song.

It was fun listening to songs and studying! Good luck!

Edit: You will need to know the form chart. It was tested in my midterm and seems like it's an important topic that he'll probably test again.
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marcie, rcmp1234 all say thanks to for this post.
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took it in summer 2011
I agree, I took the course this summer and I found it quite easy. I had been to all the classes, taken good notes, and listened to the material. If you study what you wrote down, if you read through the specific passages in the textbook and if you listen to the music enough you'll know the material. When I prepared for the listening test....listen to the instruments/music if its just instrumental and if there's a singer then listen to their voice. its easier to pick out a song that way. once you know which song it there's chuck berry's voice so then you can decipher from the lyrics which song it is and he'll ask you the title/artist/date released/what type of music it is. (ex. minstrel, hillbilly).
Also, some of his questions are written trickily. So read them carefully before answering. And go over your questions once more before handing in. Make sure to memorize dates.

rcmp1234 says thanks to KristaD for this post.
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are the listening sections of the midterms also in multiple choice format?

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