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Psych 1XX3 Live Lecture Notes

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Would it be alright if I also got a copy of the notes?
Originally Posted by PHLN View Post
I was sick. Had fever over night and couldn't sleep properly.

Ok! Sent

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Neurosci III -Everything that does not have a complete point is self-explanatory

Module 1: The Brain Constructs Your World
The Matrix Problem
  • THE WORLD ISN'T REAL! The robots enslaved us!
  • 010001000100010001010 101001010101000101010 0
Heuristics and Prior Knowledge
  • Organizing info to make it make sense to you
  • i.e. a running narrative in your head of your interpretation
  • Brain takes shortcuts
  • i.e. Heuristics in guessing
    • A bat and a ball together cost $1.10.
    • Why would many people make the mistake?
      • They just subtract a dollar from the total -cost. - by making an assumption
Audio Top Down Processing
  • You have to be able to separate the wording in a flowing speech
  • In other languages, it seems as if the person is speaking too fast
    • How to recognize speech? NO! How to wreck a nice beach.
Visual Top Down Processing
  • It's actually the mother selling snow shovels at Home Depot
Learning and Memory in the Brain
  • We must understand this to understand how we interpret the world
Donald O. Hebb
  • If we want to explain any mental phenomenon in the human mind studies, we have to understand how they occur through neural synapses.
  • Neurons that wire together fire together.
Module 2: Human Plasticity and Motor Memory
  • Motor, sensory
  • Some parts of our body have more sensitivity and this is how it would be represented
Sensory and Motor Neuron Homunculi
  • Each corresponds to a different part of the body
  • The amount of cortex for it is proportional to the sensitivity
  • The circuitry in the sensory and motor is greatly influenced by experiences
1. Experience and Plasticity
  • Most complex tasks require 10k hours of practice to be rated as an expert at a task
2. Reduced Input and Plasticity
  • Less than normal levels of input
  • i.e. someone who loses their left hand - many people experience a flaccid limb sensation - the neural circuitry might remain in the brain
  • i.e. they are used to making gestures with both hands - they feel their hand moving even though the hand is missing
  • Someone can have a touch sensation in their face and feel their left hand being stroked
  • They can also experience intense pain associated with this
  • Perhaps it is due to inflamed nerve treatments, so they cut even further - which led to more pain
  • They restricted connection from hand
  • Mirror box therapy - visual feedback to fix phantom limb pain
    • Study - increasing pain in phantom left hand
      • As if left hand is clenched hard that they cannot let go
      • Try to trick the brain with a visual feedback to trick the brain to release it
      • They show a mirror to make it look like there is a hand there, then clench and unclench
      • The pain was relieved for the first time in years
Module 3: Multiple Memory Modules
Multiple Memory Modules
  • Declaritive Memory - ability to recall and learn specific facts and episodes from your life - Hippocampal
  • Procedural Memory - ability to learn new motor tasks i.e. bike-riding - Striatum and Cerebellum
  • Emotional Memory - specific feeling, to interpret memory - Amygdala
  • They tend to be most associated to a certain region of the brain
Double Dissociations
  • Lesion to one section of a brain to eliminate memory task x and otherwise to another brain region
The Radial Arm Maze
  • Cheese is always in one arm
  • Which brain section remembers the direction of cheese?
  • Lesion hippocampus, striatum and cerebellum, and amygdala
The Hippocampus
  • They cannot learn it without the hippocampus
  • They still remember the cheese in one arm without the other parts
The Striatum
  • Bright light = cheese
  • Without =/= cheese
  • Without the striatum, the mouse does not remember to go towards the light
The Amygdala
  • Confine a mouse to an arm for 30 minutes with a lot of cheese
  • Confined to a separate arm with no food
  • Intact mouse would choose to stay at the arm with cheese even without the cheese because of good emotion
  • Without the amygdala, they forget
Triple Dissociation
Checking in with Patient HM
  • HM had his hippocampus disrupted
  • He could not learn new facts
  • You could come back an hour later and he would have forgotten you
  • He only had his hippocampus damaged
  • He could still remember motor tasks (procedural memory) - he would remember how to ride a bike, but not remember that he did learn it
  • His amygdala is also damaged - he is always cheerful and had difficulty dissociating the memories through emotion
Module 4: Retrieving Memories
Free Recall
  • Experience of remembering something is a very rich experience
Visual Mental Imagery
  • Memory is helped by the fact that we could remember visual mental imagery
Patient Dr. P
  • Optic somethingnosia - object agnosia
  • They can see the object but cannot understand it or name it
    • Shown black leather glove
      • "What is this?"
      • May I examine it? It has 5 outpouches, is black.
      • "Tell me what it is?"
      • Is it a container of some sort?
      • "What would it contain?"
      • It could be a coin purse, for example.
Patient CK
  • He is told to close his eyes and imagine a map of England, then a guitar.
  • He could draw these diagrams.
  • Then he is shown the diagrams he drew, but he cannot name them.
  • There must be a region that categorize things efficiently.
Learning and Memory to Organize Information
Part I: Levels of Analysis
Part II: Psych 1XX3 - Sensory Systems
  • Look at the square

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PHLN, REPLEKIA/. all say thanks to justinsftw for this post.

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On second thought PHLN ignore my notes. His are FAR superior. You can see the associated slides in the content section of 1XX3 in avenue too.

PHLN says thanks to REPLEKIA/. for this post.

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Originally Posted by REPLEKIA/. View Post
On second thought PHLN ignore my notes. His are FAR superior. You can see the associated slides in the content section of 1XX3 in avenue too.
Aw, you made me blush.
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can someone please post Development notes?
it was the second live lecture
Thank you so much!
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Originally Posted by marido View Post
can someone please post Development notes?
it was the second live lecture
Thank you so much!
Hmm can't find my original note.

Its ok though! Tim posted a slight review of the main point on this lecture in Tim's Tips "How To Take Notes" on Avenue.
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I'm bumping this thread for anyone who might need it. The exam's tonight.

Originally Posted by justinsftw View Post

Oh, and I totally creeped you in Chem, Dave. In my head, I was, like, "Hey, it's Rep!" (proper pronounciation, and all)
Say hi next time then!

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