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Currently im in first year soc sci however when i was trying to switch into life sci. I had failed 4 courses and in the other courses my marks were not that high. I am trying to apply for reinstatement because my GPA is going to be less than 3.0. Anyone who has experience with this, can you please help me out. I really need to get back in. My academic advisor told me i dont have to take a year off so i am going to take a course in the spring so they know i have changed. Do most people get back in?
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They don't release statistics to be able to say if most applicants get in, but it is on a case-by-case basis. They look at why you did poorly in the first place and what you have done to address those reasons, as well as the supporting documentation.
Imo, doing well in one summer course does not outweigh four failed courses in terms of assessing whether or not you are capable of returning to school. However, you really haven't given nearly the amount of information that you will need to give to the reinstatement committee, so there might be other factors.

Really, you're going to apply regardless, so what happens with other people really shouldn't be a concern. There is no magic secret formula.
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Take two courses. Get amazing grades. Write an awesome letter, basically exactly what Star said.

You will want to include

- what went wrong
- what steps you took to address this
- what you would do differently next time
- why this will not happen again
- why they should give you a second chance
- any documentation that can verify any of the above

Excuses you will want to avoid:

- partying
- being away from home
- commuting
- deaths in your non-immediate family

... just because they see it all the time. I mean, if it's true then it's true, but I suspect it won't help your case much. Also, if any of these were your excuse for doing poorly, you may want to take that year off... I don't say this with judgment, I say this from a place of experience. Not everyone is ready for this kind of pressure in first year, and part of this university thing is being able to withstand a lot of these things that often trip up first years.

You will want to get this letter proofread, and be prepared to write and rewrite a few times. Each time you rewrite it, your letter will be better.

If you do not get back in:

- don't panic
- keep learning
- grow as a person
- try again next year
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