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Relig St 2QQ3

Relig St 2QQ3
Cults, Conspiracies, and Close Encounters
Published by sidra_
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Relig St 2QQ3

I took this course in Fall 2017 with Philippa Carter.

Break down:
Quizzes 5x2%
Attendance/Participation 15% (lowest dropped)
Collaborative Tests 2x20%
Take-Home Exam 35%

Topics Covered:
Peoples Temple
9/11 Conspiracies & Antisemitism
Close Encounters & Alien Abductions
David Icke

Readings: The readings for this course are all online journals so it's all free! There is no actual textbook for this course.

Quizzes: Quizzes are online and are really simple and straightforward. They're all from the readings. You can easily get 10/10 on the quizzes.

Attendance/Participation: Carter decided she wanted both online and in-class tutorials. On-line tutorials had a weekly discussion board on Avenue. I personally was in an in-class tutorial and we got a mark just for showing up to tutorial and signing our name on the attendance sheet - even if we only came for the last 10 mins. Again, very easy to get full marks for this.

Collaborative Tests: The essays were supposed to be 900-1100 words long and we were allowed to collaborate with others and use the same ideas. The essay topics were very open and also very interesting. She usually gave us a week to do them. I can't speak for other TAs but my TA was very fair with marking.

Take-Home Exam: Carter gave us 4 essay questions of which we only had to answer 3 (500-700 words each question). The questions were based on the assigned journal readings which weren't too difficult to do.

Overall: Definitely an easy class. Carter makes the class very entertaining and also very interesting. If you want something with a light course load and a course unlike any other then take this class! You can easily get above a 10 with little effort.
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