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Rent - Taxes

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Rent - Taxes
Hey guys!

So I rented a basement apartment last semester for $500/month. I only ended up staying for one month though, because I got a clinical rotation close to home 2 days a week, so I moved back home.

So in total I only paid $500 in rent for the month of September 2009.

Should I claim this on my tax return? I'm not too sure how rent works on taxes, do you get some sort of refund? I'll be doing my taxes soon, and have my tuition T22, OSAP interest receipt, grant receipt, and my T4. I don't have a receipt for my rent payment, but if it's worth claiming I can make one up quickly and just write in the landlords contact info.
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Get a letter from your landlord saying that you paid 1 month of rent for $500 for that month.

I got a refund, but it was based off of 12 months. It wouldn't hurt to try it.
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Rent is Rent; Put it on
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you get a larger return for claiming rent, however i'm not too sure that one month of rent will make that big of a difference.

get either a receipt from your landlord or a letter stating that you paid rent to have before you file your taxes. i was audited for last year and had to go through the trouble of having to contact my landlord and get receipts. landlords are by law required to provide tenents with a receipt.

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