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Roomate issue, sleeping kenvin100 General Discussion 11 09-14-2008 10:13 AM

Sleeping Habit

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Sleeping Habit
I sleep on my side, ive found it normal and ive just assumed everyone else sleeps on their side aswell. This has obviously not been the case as ive met many people who sleep on their back or stomach

So how do you tend to sleep?
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I'm a side person. Sleep facing up if my neck hurts from side-sleeping. Can't stand sleeping on stomach though, just extremely uncomfortable.
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75% stomach, then probably side, and occasionally back

EDIT: These days at least...
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<--- Side and stomach sleeper.
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Side or on mah face.
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Whatever is most comfortable at the time really.... never thought about it much.
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Sleep on my back. Then my 3kg cat slept on me.
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Half side half stomach. I stretch one leg out and crunch the other up and use double pillows plus blanket under my head LOL
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sleep on my right side, in like a half fetal position almost LOL.
Sometimes i'll get on my stomach, but thats mostly for stretching purposes.

Ugh, this is making me want to get back in bed. D:
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I sleep on my side, as most people do. I was actually reading some interesting research that links sleeping on your side with various lung and heart cancers. Apparently the magnetic field created by your bed spring concentrates roughly 1 foot above the bed, around where your lung/heart is.
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Mostly side. Varies though sometimes.
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99% on back. Lying on stomach is uncomfortable.
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Lying on my back is uncomfy, I don't like it.

I'm usually on my side or stummy, sort of in a fetal position. I like to curl up like a ball. D:
Lmao explains my terrible posture. xD
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Side, right arm outstretched under pillow. Anything else feels wrong.

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Originally Posted by eullwm View Post
Side, right arm outstretched under pillow. Anything else feels wrong.
for the right arm under pillow part.
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